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Treatment of substance abuse can lessen risk of future violence in mentally ill, study finds

Treating the substance abuse problems of those with severe mental illness can reduce their risk of future violence, according to research ...

Gene protects teens from alcohol problems but not if they drink with friends

By Jim Dryden -Among more than 1,500 adolescents who had consumed at least one drink before age 18, researchers have found that ...

Clinical relationships key to treatment of alcohol abuse

New research from the University of Adelaide highlights the complex needs of people being treated for alcohol problems, in particular the value they place on long-term relationships with trusted healthcare professionals. ... Full story

Medical Field Urged to Look Within for Solution to Opioid Addiction

CINCINNATI—University of Cincinnati (UC) researchers are asking the medical community to consider its own role in the rise in prescription opioid abuse, calling for more research on iatrogenic addiction (addiction resulting from medical treatment) and changes in the way medical providers are educated about pain management. ... Full story

'Magic Mushrooms' Help Longtime Smokers 'Quit

More research is still needed to test the role of psilocybin in helping people quit ... Full story

Drink driving women treated differently than men

New Zealand may be one of the few countries in the world where alcohol consumption is relatively similar between men and women, but research from Victoria University has found the genders are treated differently when it comes to deterring and reporting on drink-driving. ... Full story

Is there a role for drugs in elite sport?

Attempts to prevent illegal performance-enhancing drugs being used in sport will never succeed, a medical ethics expert will argue in a forthcoming public lecture. ... Full story

High-dose opioid prescribing continues to climb

By Geoff Koehler - High-dose opioid prescribing increased by 23 per cent in Canada between 2006 and 2011, despite clinical guidelines recommending that most patients should avoid high-doses of these drugs, according to new research. ... Full story

In Rats and Men, Nicotine Withdrawal Casts Similar Pall

Reduced reward response in brains helps explain why it’s so hard to quit smoking ... Full story

Researchers back call by world leaders for end to criminalisation of drugs

The Australian Drug Law Reform Initiative (ADLaRI) has welcomed a new report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy that calls for the decriminalisation of drug use and possession, alternatives to incarceration, and a greater emphasis on public health approaches to the problem of drug addiction. ... Full story

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