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Blacks may not receive same health benefits from moderate alcohol drinking as whites

Study finds risks, benefits of alcohol consumption differ by gender as well ...

Cannabis Consumers Show Greater Susceptibility to False Memories

A new study conducted by researchers from the IIB Sant Pau, UAB and IDIBELL-UB demonstrates for the first time that cannabis consumers ...

Underage Drinkers Most Influenced By Alcohol Marketing More Likely to Report Dangerous Drinking Behaviors

Underage youth who cite alcohol marketing and the influence of adults, movies or other media as the main reasons for choosing to consume a specific brand of alcohol are more likely to drink more and report adverse consequences from their drinking than youth who report other reasons for selecting a specific brand, new research suggests. ... Full story

Most Americans say medical marijuana shouldn’t be used by kids or in front of kids – legal or not

4 in 5 people say adults shouldn’t be allowed to use medical marijuana in front of children; support of patient use much lower for kids than adults ... Full story

E-cigarette use is not risk-free

E-cigarettes are not without health risks for people who vape or for bystanders. This is one of the conclusions from a new risk assessment report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. ... Full story

Reduction in Opioid Prescribing, Overdoses Associated with Pharma Industry Changes

(Boston) – Results of a new study led by Boston Medical Center (BMC) researchers, in collaboration with Harvard Medical School (HMS), indicate that the introduction of abuse-deterrent OxyContin, coupled with the removal of propoxyphene from the US prescription marketplace, may have played a role in decreasing opioid prescribing and overdoses. ... Full story

Opioid Relapse Rates Fall After Jail Release, According to Pilot Study

Extended-Release Naltrexone Before Jail Release Leads to Decline in Heroin Use ... Full story

Smokers Who Use E-Cigarettes Less Likely to Quit

Study rebuts contention that devices assist tobacco cessation ... Full story

Study Finds Emergency Departments May be High-Yield Venues to Address Opioid Overdose and Education

(Boston) – Emergency departments (ED) provide a promising venue to address opioid deaths with education on both overdose prevention and appropriate actions in a witnessed overdose. In addition, ED’s have the potential to equip patients with nasal naloxone rescue kits as part of this effort. ... Full story

TSRI Scientists Find that Nicotine Use Increases Compulsive Alcohol Consumption

LA JOLLA, CA – Why do smokers have a five to ten times greater risk of developing alcohol dependence than nonsmokers? Do smokers have a greater tendency toward addiction in general or does nicotine somehow reinforce alcohol consumption? ... Full story

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