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Not Good at Quitting, Student Takes Non-Linear Path to Success

Andrew Warner, a Green Beret, was a world away serving the United States military in Iraq and Afghanistan when he encountered word ...

Brief alcohol screening misses mark for people who most need help, study says

As screening for alcohol problems during doctor visits has become more mainstream, a new study published in the journal Addiction finds that ...

Home-brewed opiates serious public health concern

Researchers call for fast, flexible regulatory response to synthesis of morphine in genetically engineered yeast strains ... Full story

UCLA researchers identify a potentially effective treatment for methamphetamine addiction

A team led by Lara Ray found that Naltrexone significantly reduced people’s craving for methamphetamine, and that it made them less aroused by the drug. ... Full story

Adolescents, Drugs and Dancing

NYU study finds use of illicit drugs other than marijuana is 20% higher among “teen ravers” ... Full story

‘Extreme’ Exposure to Secondhand Cannabis Smoke Causes Mild Intoxication

Nonsmokers sharing an unvented area with heavy marijuana smokers in some cases may not have passed a drug screen ... Full story

Helping drink drivers steer clear of reoffending: New CARRS-Q program

Dr Hollie Wilson has developed an online program to reduce drink driving by targeting first time offenders. ... Full story

Frequent Trips to ER Are Powerful Predictor of Death from Prescription Drug Overdoses

Four or More ER Visits in Past Year Linked With 48 Times Greater Risk of Death from Rx Drug Overdose ... Full story

Coming to grips with the realities of methamphetamine

by Marketing and Communications - Flinders University’s National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) is hosting a national symposium to support workers in the methamphetamine care sector. ... Full story

New report: first compilation of global addictions

The world’s first comprehensive report on global addictions has revealed Australians smoke less tobacco and drink less alcohol than the British, but Aussies take more illicit drugs. ... Full story

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