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NYU Study Identifies Teens At-Risk For Synthetic Marijuana Use

NYU Study Identifies Teens At-Risk For Synthetic Marijuana UseOne out of ten high school seniors used synthetic cannabinoids in the last 12 ...

National Safety Council: Opioid prescription painkillers have hidden, deadly side effects

Risk of death, unintentional injury is particularly high for elderly adults taking opioid painkillers ...

Do stimulant drugs make us smarter?

A visiting expert will be discussing whether stimulant drugs make us smarter, at a public talk at the University of Auckland next month. ... Full story

Young problem drinkers consume less if they take naltrexone

By Bill Hathaway - Young people who drink abusively consume less and suffer fewer consequences from alcohol if they take naltrexone, a Yale School of Medicine study shows. ... Full story

Women Twice as Likely to See Pot as Risky

Ten-Year Decline in Perception of Marijuana Risk: Study ... Full story

Opioid pain reliever abuse called a top 5 public health challenge

Loyola Emergency Department pharmacist offers insight into the growing addiction cycle ... Full story

Using snus doubles the risk of alcohol dependency

People who use snus run twice the risk of developing alcohol dependency compared with non-users, and the more one uses snus, the higher the risk. This has been found in a study from Umeå University which was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. ... Full story

Primary Care Residents Unlikely to Detect Hazardous Alcohol Use

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – When it comes to detecting alcohol misuse, newly minted primary care physicians ask the wrong questions at the wrong times, according to a study led by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. ... Full story

Popular YouTube Videos Drown Viewers with Positive Portrayals of Drunkenness

PITTSBURGH – The 70 most popular videos depicting drunkenness on YouTube account for more than 330 million views, with little portrayal of the negative outcomes of excessive alcohol consumption, according to an analysis led by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health (CRMTH). ... Full story

Powder vs. Crack: NYU Study Identifies Arrest Risk Disparity for Cocaine Use

Socioeconomically disadvantaged adults are more likely to use crack over powder cocaine, and are thus more likely to be subject to arrest ... Full story

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