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Sociologist using technology to study substance use among homeless

The mercurial nature of homelessness has kept researchers from pinpointing which factors limit substance use — and how others trigger it — ...

Popping Pills to Pushing Needles: Researchers Look at Prescription Opioid Abuse among Young Adults in NYC

Findings suggest peer group dynamics work to facilitate the transition to injection drug use; increase risky sexual and HIV/HCV behavior ...

Fat Damages the Lungs of Heavy Drinkers

Alcohol causes fat build-up in the lungs of rats, impairing immune function and possibly explaining why alcoholics are more likely to develop lung disease ... Full story

Brand-Specific Television Alcohol Ads A Significant Predictor Of Brand Consumption Among Underage Youth

Underage drinkers are three times more likely to drink alcohol brands that advertise on television programs they watch compared to other alcohol brands, providing new and compelling evidence of a strong association between alcohol advertising and youth drinking behavior. ... Full story

Teen Alcohol Use Affected by Expected Enjoyment and Understanding of Health Messages, Study Finds

Teens with the best understanding of health messaging may also be the most susceptible to messages that make alcohol use look appealing and fun — like television ads for beer or liquor — according to a study published this week in the journal Patient Education and Counseling. ... Full story

Study Details Risk Factors for Substance Use Disorders After Manic Episode

CINCINNATI—Adolescents with bipolar disorder are more likely to develop substance use disorders than adolescents without psychiatric disorders. Now, researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) have identified specific risk factors underlying this relationship. ... Full story

UV-induced beta-endorphin production causes addiction-like symptoms in mice

Activation of opioid pathways may explain the persistence of hazardous sun-seeking behavior ... Full story

Controlled drinking program helps Illawarra residents stay dry after July

A controlled drinking program that will help Illawarra residents cut their alcohol intake will be offered at UOW from Wednesday 6 August. ... Full story

Quakes impact on substance use and mental health quantified

Cantabrians who experienced serious quake-related adversity are twice as likely to be addicted to smoking and 40 per cent more likely to have mental health conditions such as major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder than people who did not experience the earthquakes, new research shows. ... Full story

Learning to "just say no" is not a panacea for minorities with alcohol, drug problems

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Teaching youth to “just say no” has long been viewed as the first line of defense in the war on drugs. And several studies have provided compelling evidence that refusal skills training, which teaches participants strategies for resisting social pressure, can be successful at preventing youth from trying drugs and alcohol. ... Full story

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