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Retired All-Pro NFL player feeling great after heart procedure at Loyola

Catheter ablation restores normal heart rhythm ...

Early Adoption of Robotic Surgery Leads to Organ Preservation for Kidney Cancer Patients

Research Led By NYU Langone Medical Center Shows Greater Experience Utilizing Robotic Surgery Leads to Better Use for Partial Nephrectomies ...

New Technology Helps Predict Vision Recovery After Brain Tumor Surgery

An interdisciplinary team of University neuroscientists and neurosurgeons has used a new imaging technique to show how the human brain heals itself in just a few weeks following surgical removal of a brain tumor. ... Full story

Research aims to improve hip and knee replacement success

By Tina Hilding, Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture ... Full story

Stop That Scalpel: Many Kids with Open Bone Breaks Can Heal Safely Without Surgery

Many children who sustain so-called open bone fractures in the forearm or lower leg can, and do, heal safely without surgery, according to the results of a small study led by investigators at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. ... Full story

How Does Space Travel Affect Organ Development?

Berkeley Lab experiment, scheduled to go aboard the International Space Station, will explore the effects of weightlessness and low-dose radiation. ... Full story

Immunotherapy shows clinical benefit in relapsed transplant recipients

A multicenter phase 1 trial of the immune checkpoint blocker ipilimumab found clinical benefit in nearly half of blood cancer patients who had relapsed following allogeneic stem cell transplantation, according to investigators from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who developed and lead the study. ... Full story

First patients at SickKids undergo innovative targeted radiation therapy

By Ashley Durk - When the usual tools to treat paediatric cancer don’t work and a child relapses, medical teams must go back to their toolkits to find more aggressive treatment options. For children with relapsed neuroblastoma, a rare form of nerve tissue cancer that is responsible for 10 per cent of cancer-related deaths in children worldwide, the Garron Family MIBG Suite at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) offers the benefits of innovative, targeted therapy closer to home. ... Full story

Engineer Applies Robot Control Theory to Improve Prosthetic Legs

A University of Texas at Dallas professor applied robot control theory to enable powered prosthetics to dynamically respond to the wearer’s environment and help amputees walk. ... Full story

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