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Clinical trial uses patients' own cells for personalized treatment after bone marrow transplant

An innovative clinical trial using the science of "personalized" cellular therapy has begun enrolling children and adults suffering from graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD), a ...

New Incisionless Surgery to Treat Enlarged Prostate

8-minute procedure relives urinary symptoms, preserves sexual function ...

'Gold standard' for pain relief after shoulder surgery may not be 24 karat

By Leslie Shepherd - Around 10,000 patients undergo shoulder surgery in Ontario every year and most go home the same day. Since it’s quite a painful procedure, a lot of effort goes into making sure patients can manage their pain while at home recovering. ... Full story

Penn Medicine Study: In Debated Surgical Procedure, Technique Trumps Technology

Improved Decision-Making in How to Use New Technology May be Key to Decrease in Complications Associated with Fracture Healing Procedures ... Full story

Use of Minimally Invasive Surgery Could Lower Health Care Costs by Hundreds of Millions a Year

A new analysis of surgical outcomes nationwide concludes that more use of minimally invasive surgery for certain common procedures can dramatically reduce post-operative complications and shave hundreds of millions of dollars off the nation’s health care bill. ... Full story

Study: Patients Who Go Home After Knee Replacement Do As Well As Those Discharged to Rehab Facility

A study by researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) finds that patients who go home after knee replacement and receive physical therapy at home do as well as those who go to an in-patient rehabilitation facility. ... Full story

Hip replacement patients may safely drive as early as two weeks following surgery

Improved surgical techniques, pain management and rehabilitation procedures expedite recovery ... Full story

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