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Could maths help improve surgery scheduling in Wales?

Cardiff experts to develop a ‘smart’ schedule to help reduce waiting lists and lower the number of cancellations ...

Platelets promote the liver's regeneration process following surgery

A team of researchers at the MedUni Vienna has discovered that certain platelet-derived growth factors are of major significance for the liver's ...

Measuring immune cells before surgery may help predict recovery time

Blood drawn an hour before surgery and stimulated to produce an immune response revealed patterns that predict patient health outcomes. ... Full story

'Taste Bud' Biomarker Forecasts Better Post-Surgery Results for Some Chronic Sinusitis Patients

Genetic taste tests may enhance treatment-selection process, Penn Study Suggests ... Full story

Wealthiest – not sickest – patients may have edge in organ transplants

American Heart Association Meeting Report Abstract 15991 (Poster M 4293 Hall A2) ... Full story

Does Bariatric Surgery Improve Sexual Function in Women?

New Rochelle, NY —The results of a new study that assessed the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women before and 6 months after bariatric surgery, comparing factors including weight loss, sexual experience (including sex drive, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction), body image, depression, and anxiety, are published in Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. ... Full story

Patients with disc herniations in the neck are happier in the long term after an operation

In the longer term, patients who have an operation for a disc herniation in the neck are happier with both pain relief and function than those who are only treated with physiotherapy, according to a new thesis. ... Full story

The helping hand in the operation room

Surgeons have their hands full in the operating room: Among other things, clamps have to be set and tools have to be held. Until now, surgical assistants have been responsible for these tasks. In the future, a metal hand that can be controlled by gestures and speech could take some of the weight off of the doctors’ shoulders. ... Full story

New Imaging Method To Reduce Risk In Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Fiber-optic illumination identifies bile ducts to minimize risk of injury during laparoscopic procedure ... Full story

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