New nationwide chiropractic survey helps to meet public needs

Image: By Aron Downie

They are asking the public to assist by filling out an online survey and expressing their views on the chiropractic services available in their local area. Grant funding for this project was provided by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia-National, and by Macquarie University.

The results of the study will not only inform the industry as a whole regarding the public’s attitudes and expectations about chiropractic, but will also help to add to the knowledge base on current trends in chiropractic supply and demand.

The various governmental regulatory and licensing bodies which oversee the profession regarding future decisions related to potential service alterations or changes to educational enrollments and the chiropractic curriculum will also benefit from the results of this study.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary, and it can be completed in less than ten minutes. No personal identifying information will be collected other than post codes. While millions of Australians make use of chiropractic services each year, gauging people’s attitudes and expectations about chiropractic in Australia has not been undertaken before on such a large scale other than a small pilot study conducted previously in NSW.

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