05:06pm Tuesday 31 March 2020

Diabetes early detection study

Professor Wei Wang from ECU's School of Medical Science

Professor Wei Wang is working on an early detection test for type 2 diabetes.

Professor Wei Wang from the School of Medical Sciences will lead the team which includes researchers from Australia and China.

They will examine if the presence of a certain types of protein (glycan) in people’s blood can predict the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

“This test could detect type 2 diabetes several years before a patient becomes symptomatic,” Professor Wang said.

“This will give doctors the chance to intervene early and hopefully lead to better patient outcomes.”

As well as early detection, the test could enable clinicians to monitor how patients’ are responding to treatment in real time.

“This would give doctors an objective measure of the effectiveness of treatment and allow for more personalised targeted treatment,” Professor Wang said.

The study will build on research Professor Wang published in 2013 which first identified glycan as a potential predictor of diabetes.

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