5 Best CBD Cream For Pain in 2020 – Topicals for Natural Pain Relief

Pain is a thing we deal with on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean that we have to grit our teeth and simply accept it.  A good solution for this is to take a CBD topical and apply it to the skin. 
CBD cream has anti-inflammatory properties. The best CBD cream for pain offers a lot more than relieving pain and this article provides an in-depth review of each and every one of them.

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Spruce Cream

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Best for Muscle & Joint Formula

  • Soothes Aches and Pains
  • Attacks Pain at the Source
  • Supports Healthy Range of Motion

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Best Organic

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • GMO-free
  • Verified CBD Potency

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Best Potency

  • Acts quickly
  • High-quality ingredient
  • Free Shipping

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Best Organic Choice

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Carefully tested by a third-party
  • Organically Grown

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Best Transparency

  • Trusted Brand
  • Lab Results on the website
  • Contains additional ingredients that is good for the skin

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Best Value

  • High Bang for your Buck appear
  • Free Shipping
  • Loyalty Rewards

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Best Moisturizing Cream

  • Extremely effective
  • Works fast
  • Moisturizes skin

what is the best CBD cream for pain

If you have chronic pain and would like a very potent CBD cream to help you cope with it, then we highly recommend the 1937 Wellness CBD comfort cream. It’s one of the most potent CBD creams on the market and it acts quickly as well which is really convenient. 

However it’s very potent and people with sensitive skin might have problems with it. If you have sensitive skin or simply can’t handle 1000 mg of CBD concentration we recommend the Joy Organics CBD cream.

It’s not as strong as the 1937 Wellness CBD comfort cream but it’s strong enough to handle chronic pain and it isn’t as hard on people who have sensitive skin.

How does CBD Cream work For Pain?

CBD products are known to be effective for pain and they’ve been hyped up a lot  but how do they do it? And does it actually work?

The answer to that is, yes. CBD creams do work and they work just as well as most pain relief medication out there.

This is because CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties which makes it effective as a pain relief cream. Applying the cream on the skin can and letting it soak in for some time will help reduce swelling and inflammation preventing the buildup of further pain. 

Aside from its natural anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is known to greatly affect the Endocannabinoid system which is known for handling the body’s processes. One of the most noteworthy roles of the  Endocannabinoid system is that it helps regulate pain and that’s where CBD comes in.

CBD is known to naturally increase the number of endocannabinoids in our bodies allowing our pain receptors to deal with  chronic pain much easily. To be more precise the cannabinoids within CBD bind to endocannabinoid receptors  (CB1 and CB2) in the body. 

The CB1 and CB2 receptors are responsible for managing various functions like regulating appetite, maintaining homeostasis, and managing the body’s pain. By having CBD bind to these receptors, they send out signals to the body to help fight off pain and balance out the body a lot faster than it normally could.

This results in less pain for the body and prevents further pain from building up as well. Essentially CBD is a natural pain reliever which is one of its strong suits especially in this day and age where we rely on artificial drugs to control our body’s processes.

Do CBD topicals have side effects?

If you search online , you’ll find out that CBD isn’t a perfect drug and it does have some side-effects. SIde-effects like dryness in the mouth, drowsiness, and irregular liver activity are just some of these effects.

However these are for CBD products that are ingested. CBD topicals are different and they don’t have any side effects so far. They also don’t interfere with medication since they aren’t ingested in the body.

Despite all this, we still recommend that you ask your doctor for advice. People with skin conditions or sensitive skin might find using CBD creams uncomfortable and it might damage their already frail skin.

How To Use CBD Topicals Cream, Salve & Lotion

CBD salves, creams, and lotions are applied the same way as other topical. You apply them to your skin and massage the skin with it. 

You use it mainly to help relieve pain and to make your skin feel better. It can also be used as a general health product because some CBD topicals contain natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin like coconut oil, sesame seed oil, and other healthy ingredients.

5 Best CBD Cream For Pain In 2020

Medterra – Topical CBD Cooling Cream

Medterra Topical_1

Medterra is known for its quality health products and supplements and although they’ve fairly new to the market, they have garnered the trust of their customers.

  • Grown 100% organically
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Carefully tested by a third-party lab

  • Fairly new to the market
  • Does not ship to all states

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CBD oil isn’t necessarily cheap and it’s very understandable after all the great lengths and efforts made to put cbd into different products like CBD creams, a CBD salve, CBD oil, and CBD topicals. 

With that being said, it’s wonderful if a CBD enthusiast is able to procure cbd products without spending a lot of money. Thankfully some brands out there offer affordable prices and Medterra is one of them.

Medterra products come at an affordable price and you can purchase it without drilling a hole into your wallet.  With this being said, Medterra CBD creams are  sold at an affordable price of less than $50.

The Medterra topical CBD cooling cream specifically has a good overall  potency of 500 mg of CBD. The cream also comes with arnica and menthol which helps give the product a cooling feeling and even a small amount of it greatly helps in relieving pain.  

Their topical CBD cooling cream specifically  does more than pain relief as the cream is made from  high quality ingredients and it’s also a full spectrum CBD  product which means that it contains vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial chemicals that are good for your skin. 

Still, Medterra is a fairly new company and they haven’t figured everything out yet. They can’t ship to all states as of now which severely limits their selling potential.

But aside from that Medterra is a promising upstart in the CBD industry and their CBD cooling cream is a good proof of it.

CBD Living Salve

cbd living salve_1

CBD Living Salve is one of the most effective CBD creams out there in the market. It comes in two variants with varying concentrations.

  • Very Potent
  • Works fast as a CBD topical
  • Moisturizes skin effectively

  • May contain allergens


CBD Living Salve also has other features asides from its potent 600 mg CBD concentration. It also  comes at an affordable price which makes it appealing to potential buyers who are on a budget.  

Additionally, the CBD cream doesn’t contain any THC and it is soy free and 

GMO Free as well. One of its biggest and most noteworthy features though is ist moisturizing capabilities.

Creams are made to moisturize the skin and CBD Living Salve does this well. Its success in moisturizing the skin can be attributed to its  patented skin delivery system which increases the bioavailability of the skin allowing it to  absorb moisture much quickly.

The only negative you have to look out for is that some of the ingredients mixed in the cream might cause people allergies. CBD Living Salve contains natural ingredients like chamomile that help in taking care of the skin, sadly some people are allergic to chamomile and it might cause complications.

We advise checking the ingredients list before purchasing the product because you might suffer from minor allergies if you aren’t careful.

Overall, CBD Living Salve is a wonderful CBD cream for pain. CBD Living being a top seller in the CBD industry lives up to its name and it provides one of the most potent and most affordable CBD creams the market has to offer.

Aspen Green – Pain Relief Body Balm

Aspen Green Pain Relief Body Balm_1

Aspen Green is one of the most trusted brands in the CBD industry. They are awarded a safety verified badge by multiple reputable third party labs.

  • Trusted Brand
  • Very transparent to its customers
  • Good for the skin

  • Hempy flavor from their hemp extract
  • Can cause allergic reactions thanks to the added ingredients it has

10% Off Coupon: “ASPENNOW”


Being a trusted brand Aspen Green  offers the best full spectrum CBD oil in the markets as well as their other products like CBD creams and CBD topicals. They also have broad spectrum CBD oils as well which is useful for people who don’t like taking THC with their CBD.

Their full spectrum CBD cream is also good for the skin as well since it also contains other natural  healthy ingredients that moisturize and enriches the skin. 

What’s nice about their CBD topical is that it also comes at a reasonable  price of $90 which is a little bit on the higher end of the price list when it comes to CBD products. However this is still a good deal because their CBD cream does more than just treat pain.

Their CBD cream contains multiple terpenes like  Pinene,Limonene,, Myrcene, Linalool, Terpinolene, and other powerful and potent terpenes. They’ll help alleviate pain quickly and they are also known to give off this soothing and relaxing smell.

Asides from soothing pain, these ingredients can be used as a topical to keep the skin healthy  and full of life.  This does come with a downside though where the additional ingredients can cause allergies or side effects to people with certain conditions.

We recommend checking the ingredients list for things that you are allergic to just to be on the safe .We also advise asking your doctor for advice especially if you’re taking some sort of medication since the added ingredients might interfere with it.

Overall, Aspen Green is one of the most transparent and reliable CBD brands out there that sell quality CBD creams and CBD salve. All of their lab results can be seen online which gives potential buyers the push they need to buy and try out that wonderful full-spectrum CBD cream for pain.

Joy Organics Salve

Joy Organics Salve_1

Joy Organics is a brand known for its potent and effective CBD products. It definitely is one of the top CBD brands in the market and is known for its quick-acting products that help deal with pain without damaging the skin.

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Extremely Potent
  • Free Shipping

  • Lacks transparency

Check Price

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The brand has a large variety of products to choose from from full spectrum CBD, CBD isolates, and broad spectrum CBD.

With this being said, their CBD topicals and creams are also on the best CBD products on the market as well. 

Joy Organics CBD Cream works fast on the skin and quickly gives relief to the body as well. Theur CBD cream comes in two concentrations, 500 mg and 1000 mg.

Their 1000 mg CBD cream in particular is rather potent and its one of the strongest in  CBD creams in the market. It’s ideal to be applied on the skin for treating chronic pain, joint pain, and other ailments.

Lastly, Joy Organics CBD Cream isn’t full-spectrum and the topical cream is primarily focused on relieving joint pain, inflammations, and muscle pains. This also means that it’s not full spectrum in nature so we advise that you use this mostly for treating external pain.

Out of all the CBD topical creams out there. Joy Organics CBD topical cream  one of the most reliable ones in the market.  It’s one of the best CBD creams out there because it gives reliable results and it works fast  in treating pain and other ailments.

Additionally, its 500 mg of CBD is just the right amount to make it potent as a topical CBD but without having severe side-effects or irritating highly sensitive skin. You can still opt for the 1000 mg concentrate if you really want to max out its potency.

Thanks to the careful formulation of the manufacturers and handling of the growers, this cbd cream is less likely to be painful on the skin as well and it’s actually quite soothing even when you over apply.  

Their success can also be attributed because their CBB products have been meticulously tested by third party labs worldwide. This ensures that they give out only the highest quality products to their customers.

And speaking of customers,  Joy Organics CBD product and CBD salve are well known by its staff.

That’s quality customer service since some brands’ customer service are ignorant of their products which does make them lose face in the eyes of their customers. Joy Organics understand that making things easy for your customers helps their already good brand.

Speaking of Brand. One of the few problems with  Joy Organics  is their lack of transparency about their methods and system of the company. 

There have been controversies in the past regarding the sourcing of Joy Organics. And although they still offer quality service and wonderful products, it still leaves a sour taste in their customers’ mouths. 

A little bit of transparency can go a long way and help Joy Organics gain more customers. Despite this setback, they are still a reliable CBD brand and their CBD cream is the “cream” of the crop. 

The combination of an amazing product with quality customer service gives a premium feeling to their service. Sadly their prices come at a premium as well and buying their really large products can be costly.

You’ll be spending a lot of money if you plan to buy Joy Organics CBD products. Thankfully they provide free shipping on all of their products and they ship to all 50 states.

This helps balance out the price difference making still a viable option for budget buyers.

Green Garden Gold – HumanoFlow CBD Salve

Green Garden Gold_1

If you’re looking for the best CBD topicals that offer the best bang for your buck, then you’ll love Green Garden Gold HumanoFlow CBD Salve. Their full-spectrum CBD cream may not offer the best potency or as effective as the other full-spectrum CBD creams on this list but it sure is cheap.

  • High Bang for your Buck appeal
  • Free Shipping
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards

  • Lacks transparency about their lab results
  • Only accepts Visa credit cards

15% Off Coupon: “GGG4U”


It only costs around  $29.99 and it offers decent potency with its 150 mg CBD potency. Being one of the best cbd creams on the market it’s also very appealing to the nose as well since it gives off this soothing smell.

This soothing feeling comes from the coconut oil and vanilla extract mixture that greatly helps relieve the body simply from its smell alone.

If cheap and effective is all you need in a CBD topical, then you’d love  the  Green Garden Gold HumanoFlow CBD Salve for its cheapness and its ability to relieve pain despite its low concentration of CBD.

Green Garden Gold HumanoFlow CBD Salve  should be your go to choice if you want to buy cheap but reliable CBD topicals for your skin. It’s effective enough to treat mild pain and considering that it costs around $29.99, itt really gives the best value out of all the products on this list.

It’s not as effective as the other products in dealing with pain though, and if you are suffering from chronic pain, we do recommend you pick a CBD cream with high concentration like the Joy Organics Salve.

What we really love about the product and the brand in general though is that it really has your best interest when it comes to saving money. The Green Garden Gold brand offers loyalty reward points to customers who buy their product, rate their products, and participate in their activities.

These points can be used for discounts essentially making an already cheap product cheaper! You also have to keep in mind that the company offers free shipping as well on all 50 states, so you’ll definitely be saving a lot of money if you stick with this brand.

Pair this with a strong and reliable CBD cream, and you’ve got yourself one of the best cbd creams for dealing with pain.

Additionally, Green Garden Gold HumanoFlow CBD Salve is an ideal product  choice for maintaining and taking care of the skin as well since it’s very cheap and you can buy it in bulk. It’s also a good choice for people who want to deal with minor pain relief who have sensitive skin as well since it has a fairly low concentration.

Overall, Green Garden Gold HumanoFlow CBD Salves are a good choice for people on a budget but still want to purchase and use CBD cream for its health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD cream work for pain?

Yes. CBD cream contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain.

Is CBD oil or cream better for pain?

Both CBD oil and cream are effective for dealing with pain. The answer to who’s better actually depends on the type of pain. CBD cream is more helpful for dealing with arthritis and muscle pains while CBD oil is ingested which makes it better for dealing with overall chronic pain that can’t be reached by applying on the skin.

Are there places in your body where you shouldn’t apply CBD cream on?

Yes. CBD cream might be safe for the skin but that doesn’t mean you should put it on everywhere. The cream contains essential oils and it can be very overbearing to some parts of the skin.
We recommend you avoid putting CBD cream on your face, your privates, and other sensitive areas of your skin.

What should I look for in a CBD cream for pain?

You should first look at the potency of the cream. A potent cream is more effective in reducing inflammation and it acts much faster than less potent creams as well.

Do CBD topicals have side effects?

No. CBD topicals do not induce any harmful side effects. However it might incur allergic reactions since some full spectrum CBD creams do contain other natural ingredients.

Which is better? Full spectrum CBD cream or broad spectrum CBD cream?

It depends on what you’ll be using them for. But a lot of professionals believe that full-spectrum CBD is more therapeutic since it takes advantage of the entourage effect.
The entourage effect being the phenomenon where the components found in the cannabis plant work more effectively if they are in the presence of other components. Full spectrum CBD products take advantage of this phenomenon and maximise its therapeutic benefits.


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