11:08am Tuesday 19 November 2019

UK deaths from heart attacks and strokes fall by 41 per cent in ten years

People dying from strokes and heart attacks has decreased the most dramatically, falling by two-fifths since 1999.

Joe Korner, Director of Communications at The Stroke Association says, “It’s fantastic to see that the number of people dying from stroke has decreased so significantly over the last decade. Improvements in public health, such as pushing the anti-smoking message and tackling high blood pressure have been very significant in this.

“The National Stroke Strategy, launched in 2007, has led to tremendous progress in stroke care, especially at the acute stage. More people than ever before are recognising the symptoms of stroke, getting to hospital quicker and being treated on specialist stroke units by a co-ordinated team, and as a result many more are surviving. It is vital that this progress continues. 

“However, we’re now in a situation where there are over a million people in the UK living with the after-effects of stroke, many of whom need support in their daily living. We need to ensure that all stroke survivors gain access to the support they need after their stroke and communities continue to invest in the vital stroke services that can provide this support.”

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The Stroke Association

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