11:24am Thursday 20 February 2020

Black tea may help lower blood pressure

Woman in kitchenParticipants drank either three cups of black tea a day or a placebo with the same flavour and caffeine content. After six months, those who drank the tea were found to have lower blood pressure than those who did not.


A cuppa won’t cancel out a poor diet or lifestyle

Tracy Parker, our Heart Health Dietitian, said: “It is important to understand that a cuppa won’t cancel out a poor diet or lifestyle. There is evidence that antioxidant properties in tea could provide heart health benefits, but more research is required to better understand how tea may reduce blood pressure.

“In the meantime, cutting down on salt and alcohol, eating more fruit and vegetables, and keeping physically active are all well established ways of lowering your blood pressure.”

This study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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