07:26pm Sunday 20 October 2019

University of Navarra researchers make progress in treating myocardial infarction with microparticles

The research, undertaken in collaboration with the Area of Cell Therapy at the University Hospital of Navarra and the Imaging Laboratory of the Applied Medical Research Centre (Spanish acronym CIMA), was published in the Journal of Controlled Release with an impact index of 7.2 and number ten in the Pharmacology and pharmacy area.

The system developed by the researchers is based on the use of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) microparticles, as advanced therapy for the treatment of myocardial disorders.

According to lead researcher doctor María Blanco, “the results obtained in a rat infarction model showed that the controlled administration of VEGF cytokine largely contributes to the regeneration of the ischemic tissue and the remodeling of the heart after a myocardial heart attack”.

“Given the short half-life of cytokine once injected, its encapsulation in microparticles enables protecting it from breaking down and maintain its bioactivity, thus making its controlled release to the damaged tissue possible”, she stated.

The results of this research work open new hopes in treating myocardial infarctions which currently do not have any effective treatment capable of halting the degeneration of cardiac tissue resulting from a heart attack.

For these advances made, the scientists at the University of Navarra received the Spanish Association of Industrial and Galenic Pharmacy (SEFIG) Research Prize.

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