11:02pm Sunday 13 October 2019

Blood tests closer than you think

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) and NHS Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are advising patients can get blood tests at 39 different sites across Coventry as well as at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby.

These sites are available in city pharmacy and GP practices, who offer a range of appointments from Monday to Friday, some offering appointments from as early 7.30am to as late as 6pm to fit around work commitments.

Wherever you choose to go for a blood test , they are completely free of charge and all delivered to the same high standards that you would expect in a hospital.

The services are provided by staff who are trained by the local Pathology Service and the samples are picked up daily. Results are processed and available in the same timescale if the test had taken place at the hospital.

Jane Barry, Director of Operations for Pathology said: “We wanted to let our patients know that they have options closer to home rather than having to travel to the hospital.

“We can guarantee that 95% of patients can get an appointment at one of our sites within three working days, and 132,000 people used the service last year.

“We would recommend that any children under 12, people getting a specific Glucose Tolerance Test, or people who have had difficulty during blood taking, still come to the hospital due to the close proximity of medical attention should they need it.”

Dr Adrian Canale-Parola, Chair of NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG which is responsible for planning, organising and buying NHS-funded healthcare in the two areas, believes for many going to a pharmacy or GP surgery for a blood test is often more convenient.

He said: “A significant number of people still seem to go to the hospital for a blood test when there are alternatives they can go to which are often closer to where they live or work.

“Getting to and from the hospital is not always easy for many people which is why this alternative, quality service was created.”

Patients who may live, or have a GP, outside Coventry can also use the city’s services if it is more convenient for them. The results can be sent directly to their GP.

For more information about where you can get a blood test in your area go to http://uhcw.nhs.uk/for-patients-and-visitors/blood-tests-x-rays

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW)

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