05:44pm Wednesday 15 July 2020

Helping to mend broken hearts

While this may sound romantic, and is necessary for developmental growth, hypertrophy often leads to cardiac failure.

The image shows, a 3D reconstruction of a section through a rat heart, is from the BBSRC-funded Babraham Institute, a world-leading centre for studying the basic biology of signalling processes, supporting BBSRC’s mission to drive advances in bioscience for health and improved quality of life.

Understanding how these changes occur in the heart, in response to disease and ageing, may lead to new approaches to treat heart disease, which costs the economy about £9Bn annually.

Read more on this at: www.bbsrc.ac.uk/news/health/2012/121211-pr-how-heart-muscle-cells-get-remodelled.aspx

For more biology snapshots, visit our new 20th anniversary blog:  bbsrc.tumblr.com – it has short videos and powerful images that capture Great British bioscience.




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