09:52am Saturday 19 October 2019

American Heart Association Challenges Other Retailers to Follow CVS’s Lead on Tobacco Ban in Wake of New Data

“The American Heart Association applauds CVS Health for its leadership in reducing access to tobacco products. CVS Health’s efforts over the last year have undoubtedly helped improve the lives of people in the communities it serves, exemplifying how one corporate commitment can transform public health.

Today’s announcement is precisely the type of strategic initiative we need to create a tobacco-free generation. The effect of these efforts on reducing heart disease and stroke is tremendous. Imagine the impact on our nation’s health if other companies were to follow CVS Health’s lead and embrace a similar commitment to health. We challenge others to follow CVS Health’s bold stand against tobacco and stand ready to support them in their efforts.”


For media inquiries, please contact Retha Sherrod at Retha.sherrod@heart.org or 202-785-7929

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