Study into arthritis patients’ pain medicine knowledge

“Statistics show that pain medicine is one of the most prescribed medicines in Australia,” PhD student Janette Ellis said.

“People with arthritis are some of the largest consumers of pain medicine, often bought over-the-counter, without a doctor’s prescription. We don’t really know which pain medicine people with arthritis are taking.”

Self-management of chronic diseases such as arthritis is becoming increasingly common and doctors assume their patients can take their medicine as directed.

“One of the objectives of this study is to find out what patients with arthritis understand about how to effectively use medicine to manage their arthritis pain,” Ms Ellis said.

Another study objective is to find out where people with arthritis get information about their medicine.

“Research shows that good quality information from friends, family, the media and even the internet can have a positive influence on health,” Ms Ellis said.

“We’re interested in the type of information that is available to people with arthritis and how they use that information to manage their pain medicine.”

“Most of what we know about arthritis patients’ medicine management comes from clinical trials. The point of the research is to find out how arthritis patients in the community use pain medication,” Ms Ellis said.

Those who are interested in taking part in the study are asked to complete a survey, which is available online at A paper-based version of the survey is available from Ms Ellis by phoning 4221 5237.

For further information contact Janette Ellis on 4221 5237/mobile 0403 431 584; email: [email protected]