11:26am Tuesday 07 April 2020

North Shore University Hospital’s Brain Aneurysm Center Offers New Pipeline® Embolization Device to Treat Complex Brain Aneurysms

The PED is a flexible, braided wire mesh tube which can be placed within the internal carotid artery in the brain, blocking off large or wide-necked aneurysms. The device can also reduce the likelihood that an aneurysm will rupture. “The Pipeline® Embolization Device offers neurointerventional surgeons a minimally invasive alternative to open surgery or placement of materials such as coils or a liquid embolic when treating carotid artery brain aneurysms,” said Avi Setton, MD, chief of interventional neuroradiology at North Shore University Hospital. “While coiling can be effective for small brain aneurysms, it does not always work on larger ones. The PED device offers patients a better chance of long-lasting aneurysm occlusion and low complication rates.”

In the endovascular procedure, the PED is threaded up through a catheter placed in a blood vessel in the leg, up to the brain. The PED is implanted across the neck of the aneurysm, cutting off blood flow. The blood that remains in the aneurysm will form a blood clot which prevents the rupture of the aneurysm and may also cause the aneurysm to shrink in size over time.

About the Brain Aneurysm Center at North Shore University Hospital

The Brain Aneurysm Center, located at North Shore University Hospital, offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and multimodality treatments for brain aneurysms including endovascular coiling, micro-surgical clipping and a variety of adjunctive diagnostic techniques used to improve clinical outcomes for ruptured aneurysms. In addition, the Brain Aneurysm Center is one of the few national centers with expertise in intracranial bypass surgery, including the recently FDA approved ELANA laser assisted bypass technique. For more information about the Brain Aneurysm Center, call (516) 562-3815 or visit http://www.northshorelij.com/cushing-neuroscience-institute/our-office-locations/brain-aneurysm-center-location-overview.

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