Working Your Brain Muscles: A Guide to Keeping Your Mind Active

There is a lot of focus on physical exercise and activity being an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle, which is of course, completely true. However, the fact remains that a lot of individuals still neglect the stretching of their brain muscles, and while they may have an in-depth physical fitness plan and a healthy diet, their mind exercises may be This.

It’s important to keep your brain active as part of a healthy lifestyle. Just as you would any other muscle in your body, your mind should be given a good workout too, to keep it in top form and operating efficiently. This includes memory improvement, the ability to solve problems better and the general upkeep of keeping your brain exercised and your mind focused and on-track.

So, how exactly can you keep your brain in shape?


Look for Ways to Better Your Knowledge, Such as Qualifications, Further Education or Learning a New Skillset

You should always be seeking a new challenge to keep your brain occupied. Constantly learning throughout your life is the key to keeping your brain working sharply and also keeping it occupied.

Studying and education is of course a good way to keep your brain active. If you already have a degree and you find that you work best when you are furthering your studies and bettering yourself, then look for the next logical step, such as a masters degree or further qualifications. Masters studies like IMC graduate programs not only further your credentials, but hone your mind better for your chosen topic or career path.

Constantly evolving your skills is the perfect way to keep your mind alert. Even if it’s as simple as learning a new hobby you can enjoy, the fact that you’re learning something new is enough to spark up your brainpower and use it for maximum benefit.


Play Games Which Require You to Think Logically and Use Your Brain

If you enjoy games as a pastime and to help you relax, you should consider logic games and those which require you to solve problems and work with puzzles. These games can come in a variety of forms, whether it’s traditional board games like chess, crossword puzzles in a newspaper or magazine, or even through gaming consoles.

Many games are now available on all consoles under the category of puzzle games or problem-solving games. This means if you’re a seasoned gamer, you’ll still enjoy the challenge of a puzzle game while using your console, and, of course, with the rise in smartphone technology, daily puzzle apps and brainpower games are available easily on your device to play any time.

There are even certain games tailored for daily brain-training which allow you to track your progress and see how your memory and mind power is improving over time.


Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Putting yourself in a demanding and uncomfortable situation requires your brain to operate completely differently and to think outside its usual box. Setting yourself up for new experiences, whether it’s a new skill you’ve wanted to learn but haven’t had the courage to, or whether it’s trying solo traveling or traveling to a new place, means that your brain is required to change and adapt.

Not only is this a very rewarding experience for you in general, but it’s also a great lesson for your brain, and allows you to learn valuable new skills which you can then retain for the future.

If you are refusing to ever step out of your comfort zone, and sticking to the same routine you have always known, you are not allowing your mind to expand or learn something new, and will, therefore, fall into old habits which require you to operate on autopilot without thinking. In the same way, you will feel sluggish if you do not stretch your leg muscles often enough, your brain can also begin to feel sluggish if it is not challenged.


In Summary

A healthy brain means providing a healthy workout from time to time. Be more conscious about how you’re using your brain, and treat it in the same way you would healthy eating habits and fitness routines. Even if it means setting a daily reminder to play a brain-training game for ten minutes during your lunch break, or making the active decision to try and read more or learn more in general.

Anything you do, no matter how large or small, which requires you to stretch your brain muscles is a bonus, and can have a long-term positive effect on your mental health as well as improving memory retention and brain activity.



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