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Maintaining brain health as we age

To launch Swinburne University of Technology’s new Centre for Human Psychopharmacology (CHP), the Brain Health and Natural Medicine conference from 6-7 February 2012 will bring together experts to present recent research on the effects of natural medicines and nutritional supplements on health, brain function and clinical mental health.

“One of the interests of the CHP is examining the effects of natural products, and diet to improve or stabilise cognitive functions,” said Professor Andrew Scholey, the Centre’s director.

“Current ‘magic bullet’ pharmaceuticals designed to improve cognitive function are often ineffective or may have adverse side effects. Some standardised natural product supplements have multiple properties and may be more promising candidates to counter or delay the effects of aging on the brain,”

Keynote speaker at the conference will be Professor Ralph Martins, a distinguished expert on Alzheimer’s disease.

The conference will provide a forum for discussion about the current regulation of complementary medicines from industry and consumer perspectives.

Presenters will include a number of speakers from the CHP as well as national and international speakers including:

• Associate Professor Felice Jacka from the Barwon Psychiatric Research Unit at Deakin University, who will discuss how diet influences mental health.

• Psychiatrist and Associate Professor Paul Amminger, who will provide a medical perspective on the benefits of omega-3 in preventing psychiatric disorders. His most recent study on the use of omega-3 fatty acids in young people at risk for psychosis has received substantial media and professional attention.

• Dr Lesley Braun, who will provide an integrated approach to safely combining pharmacotherapies with natural products.

• Dr Jerome Sarris, who will chair a panel on Translating Science into Better Mental Health which aims to encourage audience interaction about evidence-based integrative treatment of mental illness and the enhancement of psychological wellbeing.

With over 30 researchers, the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology is the largest group in the world researching the cognitive and mood effects of natural products, nutritional supplements and other nutritional interventions. The group, co-directed by Professor Con Stough, also researches the effects of prescription and recreational drugs, including in applied settings such as driving.

The conference is sponsored by Flordis, Integria Healthcare, Bioceuticals, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline nutrition.


Brain Health and Natural Medicine Conference
6-7 February, 2012
Swinburne University of Technology
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