08:50pm Tuesday 26 May 2020

Brain Care Ireland issues call for Mental Health Therapists to use Central Nervous System Software

Brain Care Ireland (BCI), located in the Research and Innovation Centre in NUI Galway, invites Pharmacists and suitably qualified Health Care Professionals to become Brain Care Training Consultants using BCI’s Telemedicine products for Central Nervous System Disorders including Alzheimer’s in Ireland today.

BCI’s new technology approach is to bring Mental Health therapies to the community. The  increased incidence of Central Nervous System Disorders including Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Depression, TBI, PTSD, Meningitis, Senior Ageing has led BCI to launch a county wide home care package initiative in the Republic, Northern Ireland and Great Britain following a trial rollout in Galway.

Brain Care’s Telemedicine products have been used by pharmacists in the Galway region who screened the local community pre-clinically for mild cognitive impairment  to alert and provide a greater intervention window for remediation and rehabilitation programmes. Mild cognitive impairment causes a slight but noticeable and measurable decline in cognitive abilities, including memory and thinking skills.

James Lee, Chief Scientific Officer of Brain Care Ireland, explains: “A person with mild cognitive impairment is at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s or another dementia; Brain Care Ireland’s 3 minute memory screening can help detect participants with mild cognitive impairment and brings with it all the benefits of early detection for remediation or rehabilitation.”

He said “Research by Professor Brian Lawlor indicates that even modest therapeutic advances that delay disease onset and progression could significantly reduce the global burden of the disease and the level of care required by patients.”

BCI are interested in partnering with an IT company to supply basic computers at low cost to people at home enabling VEC Fetac Level 6 carers to implement Ireland’s home care strategic solution package sought by Minister for Health Dr James Reilly. This successful computer company now has a new niche market as people will more lightly purchase their next computer from the initial computer provider.

BCI is also looking at enabling a laptop, iPads or apps to be able to detect user’s temperature, pulse, BP, Cholesterol, Depressive feelings etc at home with dashboard management alerting an ambulance. Motion detector technologies can also be incorporated. BCI view these solutions as key to keeping long-stay care to a minimum and avoiding the cost of in-home care.

Pharmacists wishing to incorporate in the 3 minute memory test in their testing schedule, or a health care professionals wishing to become a Brain Care Training Consultant, can contact Brain Care Ireland on 091 586722 or email [email protected] or www.braincare.ie  



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Author: Marketing and Communications Office, NUI Galway

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