05:29pm Thursday 09 April 2020

Participants Needed for Study on How Marital Relationship Adapts After Traumatic Brain Injury

Participants will complete a maximum of three (3) interviews either in their home or on the campus of Saint Louis University, two (2) questionnaires about the TBI and their relationship, and a final visit at the end of the study to review the results with the researcher.

The long-term goal of this research is to develop a broad knowledge base regarding relationship resiliency in this population, as well as to develop targeted interventions to foster resiliency post-TBI.

In order to participate in the study:

  • The couple must be married, with the TBI occurring after marriage;
  • Both husband and wife must be willing to participate and engage in the interviews together;
  • The participants must be over 18 years of age and English speaking;
  • This TBI must have occurred a minimum of two years prior to participation in the study and diagnosed by a medical professional;
  • If the TBI required medical intervention, this treatment must have occurred in the United States;
  • All participants must be able to provide informed consent and not be in a guardianship.

For additional information, please contact the researcher, Susan Jacobsmeyer Werner, at [email protected] or by phone at (314) 616-6876.

IRB number: 25622
Coordinator: Melissa Fitzgerald

Susan Jacobsmeyer Werner

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