01:25pm Tuesday 22 October 2019

Australian first autism study

Dr Anna Callan

An Edith Cowan University researcher examining the relationship between metals exposure and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS) is seeking participants to assist in the study.

Lead researcher Dr Anna Callan from ECU’s School of Medical Science said it would be the first Australian study examining metals exposure in children with ASD.

“There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Australian children being diagnosed with ASD over the past three decades,” she said.

“Current evidence suggests that genetic factors play a major role, but that environmental factors may also be important.”

Families with a child aged between three and 16 with a diagnosis for ASD are being sought to take part in the study.

Participation will involve providing a urine sample and completing a short questionnaire.

Dr Callan said the study, which is a collaboration between ECU and the Telethon Kids Institute, would be a starting point into the role of environmental factors in ASD.

“There is a lot of questionable information out there about the alleged causes of ASD. That is why this study is so important because hopefully it will enable us to build a clear picture of the relationship between metals exposure and ADS.”

Email Dr Anna Callan for more information or to volunteer to take part in the study.

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