12:12pm Monday 06 April 2020

Alzheimer’s – can we prevent it?

Now, 20 years later the idea is gaining greater acceptance and Professor Martins will feature in the latest episode of Australia’s premier science TV program Catalyst episode: Alzheimer’s – can we prevent it?

Professor Martins leads the Perth arm of the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of Ageing  one of the world’s largest research projects investigating the link between lifestyle and Alzheimer’s disease.

The AIBL study is a collaboration between Professor Martins’ Perth team, the CSIRO and teams in Melbourne.

“When we first proposed lifestyle factors as potentially contributing to Alzheimer’s disease, many colleagues in the research community dismissed its significance,” Professor Martins said.

“Now, thanks to work done on the AIBL study, we have strong evidence in support of diet, exercise and sleep all play a significant role in the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.”

Alzheimer’s – can we prevent it? will air on ABC TV at 8pm on Tuesday 23 August.

Edith Cowan University

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