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JPND rapid action call for working groups on longitudinal cohort studies for neurodegenerative disease

JPND has recently launched a rapid action call for leading scientists in the field to establish working groups to enhance the use of existing longitudinal cohort studies for neurodegenerative disease research and UK scientists are encouraged to apply.

Current population and disease-focused cohorts offer a significant opportunity for advancing our understanding of the risks of developing neurodegenerative conditions and the influences on disease progression. Such cohorts also offer the prospect of providing platforms for prevention and intervention studies in the longer term. 

As identified in the recently published report of the JPND Action Group on Longitudinal Cohort studies in ND research, a number of methodological challenges remain if such resources are to be fully exploited. The report also identified a number of areas where further thinking is specifically needed to provide the necessary consensus and framework to support future studies of impact for the field.

JPND has decided that these areas can be progressed most effectively through assembling motivated groups of leading experts in the ND field. Accordingly community-led Working Groups are to be supported that can push forward the conceptualization of such topics in order to provide guidelines and/or best practice frameworks of value to the wider research community. Areas to be considered are highlighted above, although other topics that are similar in theme may be proposed.

Up to €450,000 in total will be available to fund Working Groups under this call, with each Working Group able to bid up to €50,000 for support of its activities, which are expected to run for a maximum of 6 months. As the Working Groups will be expected to deliver reports of wide applicability to the field of ND research, only one activity will be funded in any topic area. Funding will cover the costs of meetings and travel required to deliver the Working Groups’ objectives.

The proposal submission deadline for the call is 17:00 (GMT+1, Summer Time) on June 16th, 2014

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