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About The Brand

CBDistillery was formed by passionate Colorado natives who banded together in 2016 with the goal to make CBD widely available at an affordable price. Not only is CBDistillery keen about its numerous offerings, but the company is additionally at the forefront of the effort to de-stigmatize CBD.

For its part in promoting a clear, professional image, CBDistillery is a member of the National Hemp Association (NHA) and offers laboratory test results through ProVerde Laboratories for all of its merchandise.

CBDistillery strongly advocates for the normalization of the cannabis business and education around its many health edges through its online journal and hashtag #CBDMOVEMENT. The brand is a member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a coalition of hemp corporations that advocates for hemp legislation and policy reform.

The company has grown quickly since its launch in 2015, and is currently available in over 1,500 local retailers, in addition to its massive online store. CBDistillery sources their CBD oils from non-GMO, pesticide-free industrial hemp grown in Colorado. While they are using organic farming practices, some say that their hemp isn’t 100% organic.

The CBDistillery uses a CO2 extraction method to extract its CBD tincture from the hemp plant. This would be the safest and most effective CBD extraction method, guaranteeing a consistent concentration of CBD with no toxic residue or chlorophyll.

All of their products are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. this suggests that CBDistillery meets a set of business standards relating to farming, extracting, and manufacturing that produces a high-quality CBD product—from initial seed to final oil.

CBDistillery boasts one among the biggest CBD product lines around. They sell products that serve every method of consumption (sublingual, topical, oral, and inhalation), and plenty of them are available in both full-spectrum and THC-free versions. in addition to their CBD oils/tincture, fans of the brand may also purchase CBDistillery-branded merchandise, such as “CBD and Chill” koozie or dog bandana.

Top Product

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  •  Wide variety of options
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  •  Affordable prices

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What We Like?

The majority of CBD brands submit their products to third-party testing. However, not all of them are clear with the results. CBDistillery is one of those brands that make certain that their customers get peace of mind when it involves the quality of their products. They post the report of all the products they provide, guaranteeing that they’re pure and potent.

Being able to choose between full-spectrum and CBD isolate products is important for consumers because it enables them to benefit from both. 

Although full-spectrum cannabinoids are considered to be more effective than isolates, the latter has a critical purpose for those who are self-medicating with CBD. It enables them to get an accurate measurement of CBD when they are making their own infused oil or edibles.

Apart from that, isolate crystals can also be utilized with vaporizers. It is considered as a really potent CBD therapy.

CBDistillery CBD oil is all-natural. In fact, it only has two ingredients- MCT coconut oil and hemp extract. This simple formula enables the product to work fast. The oil can ease people’s symptoms with minutes of ingesting it.

Of course, individuals respond differently to CBD oils. While some are ready to experience relief at once, there are those that need to wait a long time or tweak doses to manage their symptoms. CBDistillery CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottle that is twice the size of most brands. It packs nearly doubly double, too. Considering that and its value, the oil offers excellent worth.

The brand goes on sale frequently so you may want to check their site from time to time if you want to save on your next purchase. There’s also the option to use CBDistilery promo codes and coupon codes. Just make sure that you are buying directly from the site to make sure that you don’t end up with fake products. 

CBDistillery’s kind of offerings is meant to charm to both seasoned CBD customers and those who are simply starting out. The brand offers CBD-based products derived from 2 distinct processes. There are the CO2 extraction method and also the isolated method that eliminates all traces of plant-based materials except for CBD.

While many CBD users prefer the full-spectrum version, CBD isolate is attractive to those who prefer a THC-free product. CBDistillery customers use their products as part of skincare routines, to improve sleep, and for potential pain relief.

CBDistillery reviews for Anxiety

If you’re searching for a high-potency product at a reasonable value, CBDistillery is the best choice. A Colorado-based company, they’ve been operating since 2016 to produce hemp oil tincture that are both all-natural and fairly priced.

When you purchase from CBDistillery’s website, you’ll receive a CO2-extracted CBD product that has been sourced and grown domestically, typically in Colorado. And their supply farms utilize organic practices, so they’re both non-GMO and pesticide-free.

At CBDistillery, you’ll have lots of choices to treat your anxiety with. Tinctures are available in a range of concentrations, which makes dosing easier. And, if the tincture isn’t your cup of tea, they have an entire line of different CBD products to treat your anxiety with.

Top 6 CBDistillery Reviews 2020

CBDistillery CBD oil

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This oil is CBDistillery’s most potent product, yet as one of its most well-liked.

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CBDistillery sells CBD oil tincture in five strengths, varying from 250mg to 5000mg. All of their tinctures come in a single size, 30ml bottle, which makes it simple to compare dosing. With CBDistillery 1000 mg, you’ll get a higher concentration of CBD in each drop, and even more with the bigger bottle.

CBDistillery CBD Oil tincture is the standard full-spectrum oil that you just place below your tongue. Compared with CBD isolates, this product has whole-plant hemp extracts. This means that the CBD oil also has flavonoids, terpenes, and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids to create that entourage effect.

As whole-plant extracts, CBDistillery’s full-spectrum CBD oil will contain small, but legal, amounts of THC. For those who prefer CBD alone with no THC whatsoever, their CBD oil is 99% pure, THC-free oil tinctures. These come in the same five strengths, also in 30ml bottles.

It’s important to note that all of the CBDistillery CBD oil tincture are all-natural hemp extracts. They only have the hemp extract with fractionated coconut oil (MCT). There are no added ingredients or flavors, so their CBD oil has a natural earthy hemp taste.

In case you’re thinking about which to get and the right dosage oil tincture for you, keep in mind that people don’t have the same reaction to the brands’ CBD oil. This is why it’s important that you start with a low dosage and work your way up to see what will work for you.

CBDistillery Gummies

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These CBDistillery gummies are obtainable in 25-count bottles with 30 mg of 99% pure CBD isolate per chew.

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For those who don’t love the natural taste of hemp oil tincture, they can enjoy something sweeter and smaller in CBDistillery’s CBD gummy bears. CBDistillery sells two 30mg CBD gummies, each in 30-count bottles.

The gummies have a sweet and fruity shape which could be a good thing for those who can’t tolerate CBD’s natural taste. They contain 0.33 THC that minimizes the danger of you failing your drug test.

Both the nighttime and regular formulas are gluten-free, allergy-free, vegan, and kosher, and they contain a variety of flavors, including raspberry lemon, raspberry, and strawberry. These gummies are sweetened with sugar and tapioca syrup and use fruit and vegetable juice for color.

CBDistilleries Isolates

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These CBDistillery gummies are obtainable in 25-count bottles with 30 mg of 99% pure CBD isolate per chew.

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To create their CBD isolates products, CBDistillery takes its CBD oil through an extra method after the initial CO2 extraction. The oil is cooled and purified to create a crystalline isolate of pure CBD—with 0.33 THC—in powder form.

CBDistillery sells two versions of their CBD isolate powder: a traditional isolate (available in different sizes from 0.5 up to 14 grams), and one with a finer consistency. While each is developed to be used as an ingredient, the one with a finer consistency is also a bit easier to figure with.

These isolates are known to be 99% pure. They’re simply plain and pure CBD powder which you can use in your food or drinks. You can even use it for vaping an dabbing.

CBDistillery CBD Capsules

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What’s nice about these capsules is that they contain a pre-dosed amount of CBD. It makes it easier for you to consume your daily dose.

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CBDistillery sells a range of CBD capsules, as well as soft gels and pills, available in each 30- and 60-count bottles. The bigger the bottle, the more you save per mg. These capsules are a decent choice for those that want a taste-free, precise dose of CBD.

In addition to 30mg of CBD, CBDistillery’s full-spectrum soft gels contain MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, and gelatin. Their THC-free soft gels will contain only CBD, as opposed to other naturally occurring cannabinoids present in the full-spectrum soft gels.

For those who like tablets over soft gels—or who need a slightly lower dose of CBD—there are CBDistillery’s 25mg full-spectrum pills. These are created using MCT, vegetable cellulose, and refined water. there’s no THC-free version of the CBD pills.

CBDistillery Topicals

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The brand has a CBD salve that contains about 500mg of CBD. It’s a good product if you want to ease pain in a specific part of your body.

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It’s made of beeswax and oil that makes its texture thick. Once applied to the skin, it tends to stay there for a moment. Its skincare cream, on the other hand, is well absorbed by the skin since it’s mostly made up of oil, water, and different ingredients.

Apart from the two products, CBDistillery additionally features a lip balm. It’s developed to humidify and defend your lips from excessive dryness. With its natural vanilla flavor, it presents as much as 25mg of CBD in total.

Each topical’s formula is specifically designed to alleviate surface-level skin complaints, also as probably combating physical symptoms like joint pain and muscle soreness.

The inclusion of coconut oil in each the CBDol and CBDefine products is always appreciated because it has naturally-occurring omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to market anti-inflammation and to focus on soreness.

You can use CBDol to assist with bruises, bug bites, and scratches. For bruises, you’ll be able to use the topical a couple of times per day, usually in the morning and before bed.

After one day of use, you can see the bruise slightly improve in appearance, and after applying the topical for a second day, it will be nearly gone. It may take about 5 days for the bruise to completely disappear.

CBDefine cream is useful as a daily face moisturizing cream that will help combat any additional inflammation or soreness – the former includes more ingredients than the latter, so if you’re looking for a more basic topical then the CBDefine option is a better option.

CBDistillery Vape

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CBDistillery Vape Pens are an elegant method of using CBD. They’re available in five distinctive flavors and a standardized potency of 200 mg per pen.

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As a disposable cbd vape pen, they are available pre-charged and ready to use straight out of the box. The battery is timed to run-out at the same time the reservoir of CBD extract is employed up — however, some users complain the battery dies a little bit too early — let alone some of the valuable extract unused.

In order to avoid this, It is highly suggested taking longer, draws on the vape pen, and avoid heating the pen up unnecessarily. 

With that said, this can be an excellent vape pen choice for people trying to get started with CBD. These pens are easy, affordable, discrete, and delicious. For ultimate cost-savings, make sure to have the advantage of their three or four packs.

These CBD pens and cartridges are affordable for the quality and potency provided right out of the box. You may get an even greater price by ordering the value packs containing several disposable vape pens at a time. The CBD works well in this product but the battery typically doesn’t always stay long enough to use all of the oil which feels like a bit of a waste.

These products are fairly potent because they’re one-time use and designed to be finished over the course of a day or two. The relatively high dose of 200 mg per pen means that for most people one of these pens will last a couple of days and provide all the CBD they need during that time. 

The pens themselves are beautifully designed – sleek, discreet, and made with high-end materials. The oil tank and mouthpiece are made of glass, which not only looks great but adds to the overall vaping experience.

The Brand’s Cons

The pens themselves are beautifully designed – sleek, discreet, and made with high-end materials. The oil tank and mouthpiece are made of glass, which not only looks great but adds to the overall vaping experience.

If you are someone who must have the highest of high-quality products, the color will turn you off immediately. It comes in a clear bottle, so you can see the color very clearly.

This is the fact that HerbMighty honors regarding CBDistillery. It’s not the purest oil on the market (they could have easily tried to hide behind a dark brown bottle) but they are still rated as one of the highest quality and most trusted brands in the industry.

You may know how their hemp is grown, but unfortunately, you have no idea how the oil is extracted. There are various extraction methods, and some are better than others.

Knowing how the plant was handled before it was processed can signify the presence of residual, unwanted substances, or how the oil was filtered. The point is we don’t know and we should.

t’s important to note that CBDistillery’s hemp is non-GMO with no pesticides but the location their hemp comes from remains a mystery. It would also be nice to know whether the hemp they use for their product lines is organic or something more like industrial hemp.

The lab results allow you to know the oil is good; where CBDistillery sources its hemp from is an additional minor concern when the brand is clear in so many other ways. It’s still one thing that rubbed the HerbMighty team the wrong method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Purchase CBDistillery Products?

You may get all the products on CBDistillery’s online shop page. Although you will need to scroll down to find the different tincture oil strengths, at least the website itself is well designed and professional looking.

How to choose the right CBD product in this brand?

Deciding on the CBDistillery product that’s right for you may vary on your particular needs, likes and dislikes, and even lifestyle. CBDistillery’s capsules and oils use MCT oil, and onset usually takes 1 to 2 hours. If tincture taste tends to bother you, flavored gummies might be a better fit.

 What is the CBDistillery CBD product features?

CBDistillery is one of those brands that ensure that their customers get peace of mind when it involves the quality of their products. CBDistillery CBD oil is all-natural. In fact, it only has two ingredients- MCT coconut oil and hemp extract.

How long do I have to return it?

If you are not satisfied with the product you have up to 30 days to return it and receive a refund


When you purchase from this company your guaranteed to receive your package within three to nine business days. And if you’re not satisfied you have a full thirty days to return the package and either try a different product or get your money back for your previous purchase.

They have many forms of cannabis products including oil, edibles, and topical. It’s just a matter of which product is right for you. The oil may not work for everybody, but they offer different potency strengths so that you can find the right potency level for you



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