FAB CBD Reviews 2020 – Top 3 Fabulous Products


  • Colorado-grown
  • CO2 extraction
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Potency strength variety







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About The Brand

This company uses hemp oil that is extracted from plants grown in farms located in Colorado. They’ve been apart of the cannabis industry since October of 2017. Making them another reputable company to purchase your cannabis products from.

Amongst all the people working for the company that combines for over 25 years of experience. And have expertise in fields like supplements, pharmaceuticals, health, and fitness. So when it comes to knowledge they really know their stuff.

They want to offer complete transparency to their clientele so they post third-party lab results on their website. This way customers can see exactly what they are getting in each of their products.

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  • Flavor options
  • Different potency strengths
  • Reasonably priced

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What We Like?

A couple of things that stand out about this company is that their products are completely organic. Grown from seedling to mature plant on organic farms in Colorado. They use the CO2 extraction method to ensure they produce high quality hemp oil.

By using this method plant resins, terpenes, and valuable cannabinoids remain within the oil provide more health benefits for the user. They do have a smaller product line compared to the products that offer companies offer.

But this is so that they can focus on perfecting their products and so they can offer the highest-quality products to their customers. They want to produce quality before they up the quantity of products they offer on their website.

They offer a variety of strengths when it comes to the products that they offer and all of their products are priced at a reasonable price. So you don’t have to cut off an arm and a leg just to buy their products.

Their oils do contain a small amount of THC in them, nevertheless, it is less than the legal limit of 0.3%. While their gummies are completely thc-free because they are CBD isolates.

Their chews are vegan because they don’t contain gelatin which most chews would contain to give it the proper texture. If your order is over $89.00 your in luck because this brand offers free shipping.

And as far as their return policy you have a full 30 days to return the products for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Top 3 FAB CBD Reviews 2020



The oil will be the quickest to get into your system and provide you with relief!

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This is the most popular item that the brand has to offer to its customer base. They offer the oil in three different flavors which are mint, natural, and citrus. And they offer a range of different potency strengths because not every strength will work for everybody.

The strength options are 300 milligrams, 600 milligrams, and 1,200 milligrams. One of these options is sure to get you the results that you seek. It does contain macadamia nut oil in the drips which enhances all of the natural benefits that the oil already provides.



If you need a sweet or sour candy-like way to take your cannabis oil then this is the way to go!

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This is the perfect option for people that lead an active lifestyle and don’t have time to measure out their exact dose every time they need to take some cannabis oil. It can help to relieve pain and muscle soreness server you are whether you’re at work or being active this will get the job done.

Each bottle contains a total of 750 milligrams and 30 servings per bottle. Each chew has 25 milligrams of cannabis oil in them. The formula they use not only has any added artificial flavoring it is also free of all THC and is vegan.

FAB CBD Topical

FAB CBD Topical Cream

Or perhaps you need a cream that will pinpoint your pain location!

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Each of their cream options contains 600 milligrams of cannabis oil in them. And you can use it for specific spots on your body that need some relief. The cream does contain coconut oil and aloe vera in it.

The aloe vera is to provide your skin with a soothing effect while the coconut oil is to nourish and moisturize your skin. It also contains vitamin E which gives your skin nourishment as well as added antioxidants.

To provide you with a lovely scent they’ve used extracts of chamomile, cinnamon, and blood orange. The cream easily absorbs into the skin leaving behind no sticky or oily residues.

The Brand’s Cons

A few things we find that we didn’t exactly like about this brand is that their products take a whole to give customers relief. If you don’t need fast-acting relief then this might not be a problem, but for customers seeking quick relief, this is definitely a hindrance.

Before getting upset about this we do recommend you give the product at least a week of a trial period to really test if it works for you. The next thing is that these companies’ products are in such high demand that they seem out quickly.

It’s great to know their products are sought after, but hey we all want to purchase some too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many products are in the product line?

Currently only three the CBD oil, CBD chews, and the CBD topical.

Which is the most popular item?

The CBD oil is the most popular item to date and should be taken with food or beverage or sublingually under the tongue for maximum absorption into your bloodstream.

How fast is shipping?

Shipping occurs via FedEx approximately 3-7 business days after you’ve placed your order on the website


In conclusion, overall, this brand is a brand that takes one of the top spots as far as one of the best brands in the cannabis industry. They offer products that are of the highest, priest, and most potent quality to customers and at great prices.

If the 30-day money-back returns policy isn’t helping you make your decision how about checking out the third-party lab results that they offer to customers on their website. It lets you really see what those tests uncovered about the FAB CBD product line.

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