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Sunday scaries review
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About The Brand

Although scientists are still learning regarding the results of CBD, products with CBD became progressively popular. However, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate CBD a similar way they manage medicine or dietary supplements. Indicating it’s particularly vital to try and do your research and make sure you’re getting a high-quality product.

One well-known CBD brand is Sunday Scaries. Founded in 2017 and primarily based in California, Sunday Scaries sells a range of CBD products. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the brand and cover what you must understand before making a purchase.

Company History

The founders, Mike Still and Beau Schmitt, have determined to found Sunday Scaries after having tested the results of CBD on themselves. Mike and Beau are friends for a long time. They have perused their life-long dream of turning into bartenders at their bar; however, what they quickly discovered was all of the strain that comes with the task.

Fortunately, a mutual friend of theirs introduced them to wonderous of CBD. It has helped both Mike and Beau to get rid of the stress not just at the end of an extended weekday, but also the pressure that’s to come with the start of the new week as well. So, both of them chose to build their own CBD company. This company is what we currently know to be Sunday Scaries.

One of the explanations why they are determined to make Sunday Scaries is due to the lack of knowledge offered online when it involves proper dosage guidance. They found that with the shortage of guidance, any inexperienced user, like themselves at the start, would simply fall victim to the potential side-effects.

And so, Sunday Scaries concentrates on exact dosage and high-quality products that are simple and fun to use. On their official website, there’s a lot of accessible data for beginners and advanced users. However, Sunday Scaries don’t stop there.

They are additionally going out of their way to help stop suicides among the LGBTQ youth community. One of their most popular products is designed in honor of Mike’s sister, Julia, who has committed suicide. For each purchase of their CBD product, they’re contributing a dollar to a non-profit organization, The Trevor Project, that works to put a stop suicides among the LGBTQ community.

The main headquarters of Sunday Suicides is found in San Diego, California. They own another company known as FOMO Bones that sell CBD infused treats for anyone’s beloved dog.

Top Product

Sunday Scaries CBD Tinctures

Sunday Scaries CBD Tinctures

  • Non-GMO Hemp
  • THC free products
  • Third-party lab tested

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What We Like?

Even though Sunday Scaries is a relatively young company, they’re a widely known CBD brand. Their website provides positive reviews on individual products. Several users have given their products five-star ratings.

To add more information, Sunday Scaries hasn’t received lawsuits or warning letters of the trusted source from the FDA. This speaks to their decent reputation.

They are clear regarding how they manufacture their product. The brand says their hemp is responsibly sourced from farms in Greeley, Colorado. They additionally state that the brand’s founders have traveled to Colorado to meet the farmers personally.

To be sure of quality and safety, Sunday Scaries asks the farms to verify that the hemp is freed from metals or pesticides. In terms of CBD kind and efficiency, their choices lack variety. All the products contain broad-spectrum CBD. Each product is on the market at one level of potency.

Compared with different CBD corporations, They products have higher value points. Some user reviews say the effectiveness of every item is definitely worth the value. The Sunday Scaries is rated A by the Better Business Bureau. This is the second-highest rating on the BBB’s grading measure. 

Sunday Scaries has not claimed their Trustpilot page, so there are not many reviews on this platform. The brand welcomes returns if you’re not happy with your purchase. They offer a money-back guarantee.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound that gives the psychoactive results you get from marijuana. THC is a thing you must avoid if your work demands regular drug tests or if you use machines that need focus and attention.

The brand has no THC in its CBD tinctures. You’ll be able to consume these products without fear of those things.

Top 5 Sunday Scaries Review 2020

Sunday Scaries CBD Tincture

Sunday Scaries CBD Tinctures

Sunday Scaries CBD oil is a bit totally different from what you’ll be able to notice in today’s market. Its high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD is infused with vitamin D3 and vitamin B12.

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Sunday Scaries’ CBD Oil is a nice example of a tincture that works with a particularly precise dropper. With every bottle that has 500mg of CBD, each full dropper can be able to deliver 30mg of CBD at a time, providing not only a high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil but additionally a range of nutrients that help keep your body healthy.

Sunday Scaries’ CBD oil applies coconut oil as its alternative of inert suspension oil, together with a secret ingredient: Organic stevia. This sugar-free sweetener provides the CBD oil a refined kick of sweetness that helps the flavor and gets eliminate the harsh, unpleasant sensation of too sturdy a dose of CBD.

Although the product itself is nice, with a very convenient size and dosage} quantity, the most effective part of the Sunday Scaries CBD Tincture is that the sheer wealth of information the corporate provides regarding its product and the way to take it.

Almost all CBD websites can tell you the value of the CBD, together with a small quantity of information concerning the ingredients. However, with Sunday Scaries, you will not only get their ingredients and the explanation for including them, but you furthermore may get an enormous compendium of information to go along with it.

How to take it, how much quantity to take for a particular reason, whether or not you should take CBD tincture or CBD edibles; the list goes on and on.

Though not everybody needs to read an enormous wall of text regarding what they must know about CBD, it’s an improbably positive sign for the company because it demonstrates that they not only care about their merchandise but that they care regarding their consumer and wish you to only purchase the best things possible for yourself.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Candies

As CBD edibles have first hit the market, gummies have rapidly become the number one option for several CBD consumers.

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These edibles have lately become all the rage, with lots of various ways in which of getting the CBD content that you simply need into your body. The brand offers a reasonably standard CBD gummies choice that’s not only made in CBD, with 10mg of CBD per gummy but also filled with high-quality ingredients.

As a replacement of the sugar-free stevia in the CBD tincture, Sunday Scaries places pure cane sugar in its CBD Gummies so as to present that crystal-clear sweetness that doesn’t have any type of harsh, bitter after taste.

As ever, there’s a full list of helpful information on the way to take their CBD gummies, as well as the percentage you must take right away, together with a recommendation to take a few deep breaths as well. 

The flavor is great; with a myriad of various flavor selections, it’s not possible to not find one flavor of CBD gummy that you just like the best.

There are two versions of the brand’s well-known CBD gummies. The regular CBD gummies that are created with gelatin, pure cane sugar, citric acid, with colors and flavorings. The vegan CBD gummies, on the other hand, are created with organic sugar, fumaric acid, changed starch, and corn syrup to switch animal ingredients.

Both versions pack 10mg of CBD in every CBD gummy. And similar to the tinctures, there’s also vitamin D3 and B12 within the formula.

Sunday Scaries CBD Energy Drinks

Sunday Scaries CBD Energy Drinks

Coffee could be a must-have for a lot of individuals; however, if you wish to get similar caffeine without those low jitters, these CBD energy shots may well be good for you.

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Sunday Scaries highly suggest this product to those who like working out and people who need to prepare for exams. It’s also a wonderful choice for those who participate in sports.

Every CBD energy shot is infused with the content of 50mg of CBD. According to the company’s estimate, that’s close to about five hours of energy.

Additionally, to cannabidiol extract and vitamins B12 and B6, this product also has organic green coffee beans and taurine for energy. It also has ginseng, too.

The energy shot may be taken at any time. However, if you would like to experience the best results, it’s a good plan to take it 20 to 30 minutes before a tough exercising or important event such as a job interview, a conference, or meetings with clients. However, it’s suggested to consume no more than one shot per day.

Sunday Scaries CBD Candies

Sunday Scaries CBD Candies

The CBD Candies of Sunday Scaries isn’t just a treat for your eyes but for your tastebuds, too. It’s a little bit chewier than the gummies.

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If you like something a little bit chewier than a gummy, you might like the Sunday Scaries Unicorn Jerky. These CBD candy belts each contain 10mg of CBD. Furthermore, ingredients are composed of sugar, corn syrup, wheat flour, modified cornflour, malic acid, palm and coconut oil, citric acid, lactic acid, sodium lactate, trisodium citrate, salt, and artificial flavoring and colors.

Unicorn Jerky is a distinctive kind of CBD edible that takes the CBD gummy from vitamin shop to candy shop. They’re a fruity and bitter belt candy that contains 10mg of CBD per piece. As already mentioned, every bag of unicorn Jerky contains 10 belts; with every purchase of Unicorn Candy, Sunday Scaries donates a dollar to Trevor Project charity.

Because each consumer reacts differently to CBD, it’s best if you’re taking the process gently. Start with consuming 1 piece per day and see the results in your body.

Sunday Scaries CBD Bath Bombs

Sunday Scaries CBD Bath Bombs

This CDD product is truly fun and easy to use. You just have to mix the bath bombs when having a warm bath and feel relaxed.

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If you don’t want to really consume CBD, however, still wish to unwind at the end of a stressful day, drop one of the CBD bath bombs into the bathtub. They Contain a stimulating mix of coconut oil, Italian lemon oil, and lavender to help support focus and clarity and may lessen anxiety and sleep disorder.

They’re additionally infused with vitamin D3, which helps to ease mental stress, as well as orange essential oil, which may help boost the immune system. 

In addition, these CBD bath bombs have coconut oil, which indicates that this ingredient isn’t just nice for energy, but it’s also good for the skin.

The bath bombs smell quite nice, too. It contains refreshing oils, like Italian lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

The Brand’s Cons

They don’t provide products with high potencies, which can be a problem for those who desire a higher dose of CBD without getting excessive amounts of products. All of their products are seasoned with sugar and sweeteners. While their products are distinctive, there aren’t several options to choose from.

The brand additionally features a small product variety, so there are limited choices in terms of CBD type or potency. There are no full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate products. Continuously scan the label rigorously before using any CBD product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fail a drug test if I use any Sunday Scaries CBD products?

No, you’ll surely not fail any drug test once having used Sunday Scaries CBD products. Sunday Scaries certify that they do not use any THC within the production process of their products.

Does Sunday Scaries have vegan-friendly products?

They are giving vegan-friendly products (such as gummies) referred to as vegan AF. Since they do not include any gelatin and/or different animal products of any kind, they’re excellent for any vegans or vegetarians.


Sunday Scaries is a brand you’ll take into account if you’re searching for CBD products that may meet your lifestyle’s demand. It offers THC-free tinctures and CBD energy shots to help you remain top of your game. It also has CBD products to help you relax. Keep in mind that CBD products aren’t for everybody.

Pregnant women must discuss things with their doctors first before adding CBD to their routine. The same goes for those who are planning on using CBD products than medicines. You see, even if there are plenty of studies that show the possible advantages of CBD, their results don’t seem to be certain. This implies that there’s no solid method for you to conclude if taking CBD tinctures and edibles may cure your condition.

However, you may use CBD products as a part of your current treatment set up. Simply make certain to discuss the thought along with your doctor. Discuss every detail about your condition and all the medications and supplements you’re using as a treatment to avoid negative drug synergies.


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