07:39am Monday 24 February 2020

New Genes for Malignant Melanoma Discovered

Professor Anders Molven.

Professor Anders Molven. Foto: Kim E. Andreassen

Professors Anders Molven and Lars A. Akslen have, in collaboration with Per Helsing and Per Arne Andresen at Oslo University Hospital, contributed to a large international study on genetic risk factors for malignant melanoma. The study is based on data from 3000 melanoma patients and 8000 healthy control subjects. The results from the international research consortium suggest that the body’s ability to defend itself against cancer cells and to repair genetic damage may play a role in melanoma development.

This discovery is an important contribution to basic research which may lead to the development of drugs in the future.

The content in this article is primarily obtained from an article published in På Høyden. Click here to read the article in its entirety (In Norwegian only).

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