Largest study on mobile phones and cancer finds no link

No evidence of any link was found, suggesting that people who are always in the vicinity of their phones are not exposed to increased health concerns.

The Danish study concluded there was no difference in cancer rates between people who had used a mobile phone for about a decade and those who did not. They found users did not have a higher cancer risk compared with non-users. Cancer rates in people who used mobile phones for about 10 years were similar to rates in people without them. Users were also no more likely to get a tumour in the part of the brain closest to where phones are usually held against the head.

“Our study provides little evidence for a causal association, but we cannot rule out a small to moderate increase in risk for subgroups of heavy users,” said Patrizia Frei, of the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the researchers.

Last year, a separate study found no clear connection between mobile phones and cancer. But it showed a hint of a possible association between very heavy phone use and glioma, a rare but often deadly form of brain tumour. However, the numbers of heavy users was not sufficient to make the case.

About three-quarters of the world’s population, more than 5 billion people, use a mobile phone. That makes it difficult for scientists to compare cancer incidence in people who use the devices versus those that do not.

source: Associated Press