01:31am Thursday 16 July 2020

Exercise clinic has cancer on the run

In an Australian first, cancer patients will be able to see both their oncologist and exercise physiologist under one roof with the launch of the Edith Cowan University (ECU) Health and Wellness Institute’s exercise clinic at Genesis Care at Shenton House.

The exercise clinic, complete with a fully equipped gym staffed by ECU exercise physiologists, will allow patients to include tailored exercise programs as part of their cancer treatment.

ECU Health and Wellness Institute Senior Research Fellow Dr Prue Cormie said the revolutionary exercise prescriptions are built on ECU’s world-leading research into the benefits of exercise for cancer patients.

“Research suggests cancer patients who participate in appropriate exercise benefit from a 40 per cent reduction in the risk of cancer returning and a 20 to 60 per cent reduction in the risk of dying from the disease,” she said.

“We have just completed research showing that specific exercises reverse the effect of treatment on bone density and help fight cancers in the bone, spread from other areas such as the breast or prostate.

“Exercise has also been shown to help patients tolerate intensive treatments, which may allow doctors to be more aggressive in treating their cancer. In our continuous research we will be investigating if participating in exercise throughout radiotherapy and chemotherapy regimens also improves the effectiveness of these treatments in fighting cancer.”

ECU Health and Wellness Institute Director Professor Daniel Galvão said the clinic would help with continuing research into the effectiveness of exercise as medicine in the management of cancer.

“We will be running a number of world-first research studies through the exercise clinic that have the potential to change the way we fight cancer,” he said. “Having the exercise clinic co-located where patients receive their chemo and radiation therapy not only allows patients to access the service conveniently and at no cost, but may also enhance the effectiveness of their cancer treatment.”

Lee Giampietro undertook a six month exercise program with ECU researchers while being treated for prostate cancer and greatly improved his quality of life.

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