Keep your kids active these holidays

Active Tribes offers a wide range of holiday programs for children aged five and above, promoting the benefits of play and exercise in a safe and social environment.

Active Tribes Operations Coordinator Sarah Cox says once a child is overweight or obese the problem is likely to stay with them for life, which is why it is so important to instill a love of physical activity in our kids from an early age.

“Hurdles such as television, computer games, and a lack of safe and supervised outdoor spaces can make this process difficult for parents,” she said.

“There are, however, some great solutions out there to help parents get their kids active for life.”

Within Active Tribes is the increasingly popular ActivePlay program for 5-10 year olds, which emphasises the idea of development through movement and play.

ActivePlay exposes children to simple motor skill concepts such as ball games, rhythm, target games, dance and beach sports.

This physical component is coupled with creative activities like craft to deliver a complete development experience for the child.

For older children (9-14), ActiveSports provides a natural progression into a more structured sporting environment.

Designed for kids who simply can’t get enough sport, this program delivers four sports a day, from soccer and netball to fencing and European handball, allowing children to have a go at everything and discover their favourites.

Also on offer at Active Tribes over the holidays are athletics, cross country, tennis, and swimming programs.

All programs are delivered in a safe, friendly and supportive environment, by instructors who are qualified, experienced, and committed to helping children get active for life.

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