Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates provide tips for a healthy transition back-to-school

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Regular sleep schedules improve a child’s health and classroom results: During summer children tend to stay up late, sleep in and take naps during the day. Texas Children’s pediatricians warn that these erratic summertime sleep patterns can lead to a rough adjustment period when trying to get children the rest their bodies demand during the school year. Read more to learn about a few suggestions to help parents get their children back on a proper sleep schedule.

Nutritious eating is imperative for the back-to-school checklist: Going back to school can be a challenging time nutritionally which is why it is imperative that parents teach children how to make healthy choices in the school cafeteria while at the same time remembering that nutrition starts at home. Texas Children’s pediatricians offer families some tips to help get prepared and off to a healthy start. Watch a video to learn more about the importance of a healthy, balanced and nutritious start to the school year.

Be extra cautious when heading out into the heat: It’s summer and with kids gearing up to head back-to-school Texas Children’s pediatricians want everyone to be aware of potential heat safety concerns when children move from AC-cooled houses to outdoor play and activity. Read about tips, suggestions and guidelines to help keep children safe when facing the summer heat. Or, watch a video to learn about these safety recommendations.

Vaccines are vital before heading back to the classroom: All kids need vaccines in order to be protected against harmful, even deadly, diseases. The diseases vaccines fight against are still very real and can cause severe illnesses. Texas Children’s pediatric associates provide key information to ease any discomfort or concerns parents may have regarding vaccinating their children.

Schedule early for yearly checkups and sports physicals: It’s important that all parents ensure their children are up-to-date on their yearly checkups and book early for sports physicals to help reduce the risk of delay in their child’s athletic adventures. Yearly checkups are critical, especially for growing, school-aged kids. This is even more important for those young athletes preparing for a year of sports. Texas Children’s pediatricians share tips and information to help parents and patients better prepare for these appointments.

Open communication helps those suffering from asthma: As a new school year quickly approaches it’s important that all children, parents, teachers and educators are prepared and up-to-date regarding recommendations for asthmatics. Read more to learn about Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates’ recommendations and tips to ensure asthmatics have a safe and healthy school year.

Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates is dedicated to a community of healthy children and believes educating parents, students, teachers and caregivers about the importance of health and safety at school will ensure that every child has a great start this school year.

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