01:00pm Monday 17 February 2020

Back to school checklist – eyes check – feet check

QUT Health Clinics manager Allison Vautin said ‘back to school’ time was also ideal for parents to have their children’s eyes and feet checked.

“Parents are so busy making sure they have their child’s school uniform, books, bag, etc ready to go that it’s all too easy to overlook the most important item on the ‘back to school’ checklist – their child.

“QUT will be opening its clinics free of charge for three days to enable parents to have their children’s eyes and feet checked,” she said.

“The service was so popular the last two years that we’re extending it this year and to enable us to see around 300 kids.

“Our ‘Back to School with QUT’ initiative has been a great success and it’s nice to be able to take the cost of a check-up away from parents in the New Year.

“In the past these days have been integral to detecting problems with children’s feet and vision.”

QUT Podiatrist Matt Triggs said parents should bring their children in if they notice anything abnormal.

“If a child has a tendency to trip or fall, has pain in their feet or legs, or if parents notice their child is knock-kneed or pigeon toed, it’s worth having a look,” he said.

“The earlier we detect a problem and intervene, the greater the chance of fixing it before a child reaches adulthood.”

Head of Optometry, Associate Professor Peter Hendicott, echoes Mr Triggs’ message.

“Children need good vision for their social, educational and behavioural development but it’s almost impossible for parents to detect a vision problem,” he said.

“While most vision problems can be corrected, early detection is the key to reducing their impact.

“Picking up possible vision problems now gives your child the best possible start at school.”

When: Back to School with QUT will be open next week from Tuesday 17- Thursday 19 January from 9am-4pm.
Where: QUT Health Clinics, 44 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove.
Bookings are essential, phone 3138 9777.

High resolution photograph available on request.

Media contact: Rose Trapnell, QUT media officer, 07 3138 2999

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