7 Best Online Therapy For Kids, Teens & Adolescent 2021

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7 Best Online Therapy Programs For Kids: 2021 Child Counseling

Kids, teens, and adolescents might need counseling for various reasons. Problems in school, bullying, family issues, health problems[1] can take a serious toll on their mental health. 

The current COVID 19 situation has made things worse particularly for the younger generation. The restrictions – staying home all day long, not meeting friends, not going out to play or socialize have drastically changed life, making many of them feel low and depressed. 

Not to forget, the loss of a dear one to the pandemic can easily make children vulnerable to psychological problems. If your child is going through a difficult phase, online counseling for kids and teens can be of maximum help. If you are looking for the best online therapy for kids, you will find this article helpful.

best Online Therapy For Kids, Teens & Adolescent 2021

  • TeenCounseling – Editor’s choice
  • Online-Therapy.com – Best treatment plan
  • Talkspace – Best messaging
  • Calmerry – Most Affordable
  • Amwell – Best for younger children
  • Doctor on Demand – Best for a free assessment
  • Synergy eTherapy – Best comprehensive support
  • Rethink My Therapy – Best affordable

What is Child & Adolescent therapy?

Every person goes through emotional ups and downs, children are not exceptions. Periods of moodiness, trouble with friends and relationships, dipping academic or sports performance are only common in the younger age group. These problems affect how one feels and acts. Child and adolescent therapy is a form of treatment to solve these problems[1].

Therapy is all about helping your child to talk and work out the issues he or she is facing. Each therapy session is guided by an experienced therapist who helps the child to communicate better and cope with the problems in a more efficient way without being depressed or anxious about it.

Generally, a customized plan is laid by the therapist for every child depending on the particular concerns. Apart from counseling which helps the child to understand the source of the problem and how to cope with it, therapy may also include activities and practicing new skills as per the specific needs of the child. 

Is online counseling right for kids? 

Online counseling and virtual therapies are well-studied, efficacious treatment options for children and adolescents with mental or behavioral health conditions[2]. Online therapy offers unique affordances that align perfectly with the interests and capacities of today’s kids and youths. If you are looking for a child therapist near me, online platforms are the best for you.  

It is convenient, accessible, and affordable. You can reach kids and teens at their preferred time, location, and provide help without disrupting their daily routine. Many insurances cover online therapy. In the current situation, with quarantine isolation strictly in place, online therapy is the best way to help your kid cope with the stressful situation

When does your child need therapy? 

The need for mental health services is extremely high amongst children and adolescents. According to estimations, the prevalence of the mental disorder in the age group 13 to 17 years is as high as 40.3%[3].

Some childhood or adolescent difficulties are normal but you should not wait longer if you notice eating disorders, tendency of self-harm, chronic disruptive and explosive behavioral issues, serious depression, anxiety, or fear in your child. If you have a family history of mental illness, getting help at the earliest is the wisest decision.       

Events like parental discord, a new sibling, change in school, or restrictions in normal activities (like the ones imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic) can make your child behave differently. In such cases, active waiting while continuously monitoring your child’s behavior and mental health is important. If things take longer to improve, online therapy services can offer effective help.

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner

Editor’s Choice



Why is it better?

  • Over 16000 licensed therapists
  • Accurate counselor matching    
  • Dedicated for teens aged 13 to 19

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The Lineup At A Glance

Best treatment plan

  • CBT based  
  • Thorough and comprehensive   
  • Message support

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Best messaging

  1. Over 3000 registered therapists 
  2. Guaranteed response time  
  3. Accepts insurance

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Most Affordable

  • Affordable plans
  • Recommended matching
  • Professional mental health support

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From Just $42/week

Best for younger children

  • Covers kids aged 10 and above
  • Full choice of provider  
  • Comprehensive counseling by registered therapists

Best for free assessment

  • Free mental health assessment 
  • Both psychiatry and therapy support 
  • Around the clock appointments

Best comprehensive support

  • Dedicated counseling for teens
  • Free no commitment consultation   
  • Both psychiatry and therapy support

Best affordable

  • Free 7 day trial 
  • Thousands of mental health professionals 
  • Available via multiple platforms

How To Find The Best Online Therapy For Kids?

Finding the best online child therapy is not difficult but it will need thorough research and there are various factors to consider before making a final decision. There is a list of organizations that offer online child therapy, but every service is not the same. Consider the following before registration, 

Find out what your child needs

Every child is unique and each one of them has their own needs. Consider the type of mental health problems your child is going through to decide the right online therapy for him. If the kid has been behaving moody lately, talk therapy might be helpful. In case there has been a change in her eating and sleeping habits, she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or a minor sign of bipolar disorder, considering a service with both therapy and psychiatry options will be a better decision because the psychiatrists can also prescribe medication if needed.

How the service works 

Different platforms offering online therapy for mental health issues follow different processes. Every platform has its own mode and time for therapist communication. The treatment plan also differs considerably from one service to another. Choose a service that meets your preferences. 

Market reputation  

Market reputation is a crucial factor to consider before deciding on a therapy. Check out reviews of the various platforms as well as reviews of the child psychologist available on the platform to get a good idea about the quality of service. Many services also offer a free consultation at the beginning which can help you to understand if the service will work for you.  

If parents are involved

Some online therapy sessions for kids need parental consent for registration but may not involve the parents during the counseling process. Whereas, some services might need the active involvement of the parents and the child to offer a comprehensive solution with the assistance of family therapists.     

Cost and insurance 

When seeking counseling for your child, always consider the cost of the service and also if it will be covered by your health insurance provider. Some online therapies have complete insurance company coverage while some might not be covered at all. Check and confirm before you subscribe. 

How Does Online Counseling Work?

Counseling through online digital platforms instead of visiting the therapist’s office is not only convenient but also the need of the hour. There are a number of online platforms that work with children and teens to provide professional medical advice for improving mental health conditions. 

It works the same way as a physical visit to the therapist’s chamber. The sessions focus on teaching kids coping skills to manage the day to day life in a better way. The therapy starts with an initial consultation and involves one or multiple online sessions as per the treatment plan.  

Advantages when using child therapy online 

  • Mental health problems amongst children and teens are on the rise. Getting child therapy at the right time ensures quick support by wellness professionals with relevant experience, which is vital for a swift recovery from mental illness.  
  • A child can attend online therapy from his own home, without disrupting his normal routine. It is highly convenient for both the child and the parents. Moreover, in the current COVID 19 situation, online therapy might be the only way to get your child quick help.
  • Online therapy is available on different platforms at different rates. You can get to consult some of the best therapists online for a fraction of the cost of a chamber visit. One can also attend initial online therapy free of cost. Many online therapies are also covered by health insurance. 

How online therapy can help your child?

Online therapy teaches your child better coping skills. Depending on the age of the child and the specific diagnosis, apart from talk therapy the plan may also include play therapy, practicing new skills, or solving problems. 

For older kids and teens therapists share ideas and activities that help them to learn skills. They understand the feelings of the child and offer the right guidance to overcome the problem. Therapists help the child to build self-confidence and develop a positive thinking pattern along with healthy behavioral habits[1].

7 Best Online Therapy Programs For Kids during Covid 19



If you are looking for the best online therapy for your teenage child and you do not mind paying for it from your pocket, TeenCounseling should be your choice.

  • Dedicated for teens aged 13 to 19 
  • Affordable and discreet professional counseling 
  • Over 16000 children’s therapist 
  • Might not be covered by insurance

See Full Review Of TeenCounselling


TeenCounseling is a dedicated counseling platform by Betterhelp for adolescents aged 13 to 19. 

A parent or a teen can open an account on the platform from the website. There are questions to be answered while opening the account and the system will automatically match the best therapist depending on the answers. 

Every counselor on TeenCounseling is a registered mental health professional and according to personal experience, the matching by the system is accurate, which is a big plus.

Users can talk to the therapists and get help any time during the day and night through messaging, live chat, video, or phone calls. There is a dedicated app to connect the child quickly with the counselor from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Teens can confidentially communicate with the counselor in a private, safe space. The cost for the service is between $60 and $90 per week, billed monthly.



Best for parents looking to get their adolescent child into a cognitive behavioral therapy-based, comprehensive counseling program for continued support.

  • CBT based  
  • Thorough and comprehensive   
  • Message support

  • Not dedicated for children

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See Full Review Of Online-Therapy.Com


To get the services by Online-Therapy.com for minor children, the parents first need to mail their consent to the organization, as the program is not specifically designed for teens. 

The network offers a panel of qualified therapists matched according to your profile. You have the freedom to ask for a change of therapist.

The platform offers multiple tools, like sections, worksheets, journals, activity plans, yoga sessions apart from live chat sessions and messaging any time of the day or night. However, all the features are not available under the basic plan. The standard and premium plans are more suitable for continued support. 

The service is HIPAA compliant, ensuring complete safety for personal data. Every therapist on the platform is online 8 hours a day, Monday-Friday. The live video sessions are offered once or twice a week for 30 minutes depending on the subscription.



For those kids and teens who prefer messaging to communicate, and do not mind waiting a few minutes to get connected with the therapist, Talkspace is a great platform.

  • Freedom to choose the therapist 
  • Guaranteed response time  
  • Accepts health insurance
  • Matching a therapist might take time

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Talkspace boasts of over 3000 licensed therapists and guaranteed response time. Teens can send messages to the therapist any time during the day or night. Get in touch with a therapist through text, audio or video messaging. 

Therapists respond to messages 5 days a week and one can also opt for live video sessions for an extra charge. The experts offer support through integrated dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy and cover a wide range of problems like depression, trauma, addiction, anxiety, and also LGBTQ-related complications. 

Talkspace offers three plans – unlimited messaging therapy, unlimited messaging therapy premium, and unlimited messaging therapy ultimate, for $260, $316 & $396 per month respectively. Users can also opt for a 30 minute live video session charged at $65.   

The platform accepts insurance and offers one of the best app-based online therapy for teens and adolescents. 



Amwell will work best for those looking for a visit-based therapy for younger children or trying to understand if the child actually needs any therapy or mental health treatment. 

  • Covers younger children     
  • Full choice of provider
  • Comprehensive counseling by licensed therapists
  • Family therapy not available for all locations  
  • Psychiatry support not available for kids

See Full Review Of Amwell


Amwell offers counseling for kids aged 10 to 17 and has a network of 350 licensed psychologists and other mental health professionals. Details of the therapists are available on the website or app, and the user can select a therapist of his or her choice after reviewing the therapists’ biography.

The therapy is offered through live video chats that usually take around 45 minutes. The sessions are also available during the evening, weekends, and holidays giving you the freedom to choose a time slot at your convenience. 

If your child is experiencing a behavioral problem or mood disturbances due to the COVID 19 situations, booking an appointment on Amwell is a simple and effective solution. Family therapy is also available on the platform, depending on your location. 

The cost per visit ranges between $99 and $110 depending on the credentials of the therapist. The services are covered by most health insurances.

Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand

For parents not sure if their child needs therapy, the free mental health assessment is the best place to start with. Also great for parents looking for the best therapists.

  • Free mental health assessment      
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists both available 
  • No subscription necessary 
  • Round the clock appointments
  • Only video chat available   
  • Fewer therapists 
  • Expensive

See Full Review Of Doctor On Demand


Doctor On Demand has a network of licensed psychiatrists and psychologists with over 15 years of experience. If you are in search of the top therapists and will not mind the extra cost, you should check this platform. 

The online free mental health assessment is commendable and an effective way to understand if your child needs therapy. The availability of both psychiatrists and psychologists is surely a plus. The psychiatrists provide medical advice and may prescribe medication as per needs.  

The service is also offering specialized anxiety and stress therapy to cope with the current COVID situation.

Appointments are available round the clock, all 7 days of the week. However, the number of therapist choices is fewer and the only mode of communication with the therapist is through video chat.  

Therapy sessions start at $129 for 25 minutes. The initial psychiatry consultation costs $299.

Synergy eTherapy

synergy etherapy

If you are looking for a comprehensive mental health treatment covering both psychiatry and therapy for your teenage or adolescent child, Synergy eTherapy is a good option.

  • Dedicated counseling for teens
  • Free no commitment consultation   
  • Online and phone session available

  • Not available for younger kids 
  • Fewer therapists

See Full Review Of Synergy ETherapy


Synergy eTherapy offers comprehensive mental health services with a dedicated segment for teens and adolescents. They have a network of licensed online therapists to ensure the best quality of service. 

The service is available over the phone and through video calls. There are no subscription plans. The user can buy one session at a time as per the requirements to get trustworthy health information. The therapy starts with a free, no-commitment consultation. Depending on the consultation the teenager will be matched with a licensed therapist from the network. 

Appointment times are flexible with nighttime and weekend options. All consultation sessions are private and any personal data shared is stored securely. The cost of each session depends on the credentials of the therapist and the duration. The duration may vary between 30 to 75 minutes and is decided by the therapist during the session.

Rethink My Therapy

rethink my therapy

The best option if you are looking for an affordable and effective online therapy and psychiatry platform for a teenage child. Check the free trial before making your decision.

  • Thousands of mental health professionals 
  • Available via multiple platforms  
  • Free 7 day trial
  • Extremely affordable

  • Not available for younger kids

See Full Review Of Rethink My Therapy


Established with the objective to offer online therapy and psychiatry at an affordable cost, Rethink My Therapy is doing a great job in the arena. The service offers comprehensive mental health treatment for adults, teenagers, and adolescents but does not cover younger children. 

The sessions are offered over video, phone, and messaging during weekdays, weekends and evenings. The platform has a monthly subscription fee that includes unlimited appointments depending on the availability of your service provider. 

It is available for anyone above the age of 13. There is a free 7-day trial option available which allows you to experience the service before you actually pay for it. Each session lasts for 30 minutes to an hour. 

The platform also has the option to send your records to your primary care doctor. It is not covered by insurance but is priced reasonably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online therapy for kids?

Helping children to cope with life problems and mental illness through online digital counseling is known as online therapy for kids.

Is there any free counseling option?

There are a number of child counseling available online that offer the initial consultation for free. Some services also offer 7 days free trial.

How to find child counseling near me?

Search online to find available services. You can also opt for online therapy to get professional assistance quickly.

Is online child therapy effective?

A.Multiple studies have shown high effectiveness of online therapy in children and adolescents with mental or behavioral health conditions.

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