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Improving the way women with children return to work

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The research, Women’s injuries and return to work: the social context will be conducted by Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher and Associate Professor Jo Lindsay from the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research at Monash University.

The study is funded by an Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) development grant.

Director of the Centre, Associate Professor Maher said existing data suggested women with children have longer periods out of work following injuries than women without children.

“The study aims to help us understand the key reasons why women with children in particular take longer to return to work and what measures could be put in place to improve the return to work experience,” Associate Professor Maher said.

“It will provide concrete data about the barriers these women face and offer options for programs and responses that can support women and service providers who offer care.

“We know women have to work really hard to achieve a balance between family responsibilities and workplace commitments. It may be that injuries tip that balance making return to work particularly difficult for this group of workers.” 

The Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research was established at Monash University in 1987.

The Centre had two key objectives, to deliver high-quality gender focused educational programs, and to carry out research that enhances knowledge and outcomes for women and men in our society.

Associate Professor Maher said the Centre has significant expertise and focus on family structures and the integration of family responsibilities and employment.

“Work-life balance and integration discussions are often oversimplified and don’t capture the often difficult negotiations within families about how to integrate employment and care,” Associate Professor Maher said.

“In our research we look at the complicated information about the decisions people make about work and family in order to develop more effective ways to support people in those decisions.” 

ISCRR is a joint venture between Monash University, WorkSafe Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Monash University.

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