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Does mindful parenting lead to more confident carers and cooperative kids?

When children are not cooperating with reasonable requests, or are behaving aggressively, parents can feel powerless and at the end of their tether. At these times, parents need strategies to help them to remain calm and respond as needed.

The Confident Carers Cooperative Kids (CCCK) is an eight-week values based and relationship focused parenting program that has been designed to meet exactly this need. CCCK uses a variety of practical approaches to help parents to remain tuned into their children while striking the balance between being loving/caring and applying firm and consistent limits.

CCCK has run at Northfields Clinic and the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service since 2006, and has increasingly incorporated mindfulness aspects in addition to traditional parenting strategies. Parents who attended have provided enthusiastic feedback for the program saying they have seen noticeable improvements in their children’s behaviour and the quality of their relationship with their children.

    • During the program, parents:

    • Clarify what’s important to them as parents

    • Develop a stronger relationship with their child

    • Identify the factors that cause and maintain their child’s problem behaviours

    • Develop the ability to step-back from ‘power struggles’ and reduce the ‘heat’ in family life through a combination of mindful play, praise, limit-setting, ignore and re-direct, and consequences.

    • Create distance from the thoughts and feelings that invite unhelpful parenting practices

    • Find ways to be present with their child while using these well-researched parenting strategies

Previous research has shown positive results for CCCK in terms of reduced problem behaviours and parental stress, and improved parental confidence. Kate Briscoe-Hough (provisional psychologist) and Mark Donovan (supervising clinical psychologist) are now looking at whether changes in a parents’ capacity to be ‘in the present moment’ (mindfulness) is associated with such improvements. Parents taking part in the CCCK program over the next 18 months will be invited to participate in this research.

Note: Families can self-refer to this program by simply contacting Northfields Clinic on 4221 3747. Parents/carers attend the sessions, not the children. Cost for the program is $75 or $60 concession at Northfields Clinic.

The next group begins on 6pm-8pm Thursday 26 July 2012 (Northfields Clinic). Groups run each school term.

Mediafor further information about the CCCK program contact Mark Donovan 0410 239 030 or Northfields Clinic general number 4221 3747. For information about the research contact Kate Briscoe-Hough 0421 950 807.

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