07:14pm Tuesday 07 April 2020

How good is our kids' healthcare?

The project, CareTrack Kids, will be carried out by the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at UNSW and has just received an award worth $420,000.

It continues a 2012 study that demonstrated there are large gaps in the provision of appropriate care to adult patients in 22 of the most common health conditions.

A collaborative approach with healthcare professionals will be used, allowing novel interventions to be tested, ensuring appropriate evidence-based care can be delivered.

UNSW received two of the six awards presented by the Bupa Health Foundation.

The other project focuses on using the internet to tackle depression, using Cognitive Bias Modification. Led by Dr Alishia Williams from UNSW’s Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression, the project will create a remotely-accessible treatment for depression that will increase access to treatment and enhance outcomes in a cost-effective manner. It was awarded just over $88,000 by the Foundation.

Media contact: Susi Hamilton, UNSW media, 0422 934 024

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