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About MSNL Discount

MSNL is a popular brand among the UK seed bank industries. MSNL has a strong reputation for selling high quality marijuana seeds. MSNL stands behind its top notch quality and their marijuana seeds are known to germinate 90- 100%. MSNL offers a wide range of strains, approximately 100 varieties of strains.

If you are looking forward to buying cannabis seeds, MSNL is the right place to invest in. Make sure to use MSNL coupon codes to get huge savings on your purchases. There are many MSNL coupon codes out there. But, in this article you will find verified MSNL coupon codes which you can make use of on their official site marijuana-seeds.nl. 

Apart from MSNL coupons, MSNL also has a sale going on every now and then. They offer 15 % off on the bitcoin orders. MSNL also has reward programs, and 50% off on marjiuana seeds, free marijuana seeds on every order for their customers who shop on marijuana-seeds.nl.


  • Seed source: UK seed bank 
  • Run by a geneticist
  • MSNL has over 200 varieties of strain
  • MSNL ships world wide
  • 90- 100% germination rate

General Information

  • Premium quality seeds
  • Free seeds on every order
  • Fast shipping
  • Wide range of seeds
  • Seeds are tested before shipping

Will These MSNL Coupons Work?

Yes, MSNL coupon codes work most of the time, however, you need to know a few things. Firstly, make sure to check the terms and conditions of the MSNL coupon codes that you are trying to apply.

 Look for the products that come under the msnl discount code you are applying. Check for the expiration date and restrictions of the MSNL promo code that you are applying for. 

Apart from this, bear in mind that you may not get discounts on all products, you can only avail the MSNL promo code offers on the selected cannabis seeds on their site marijuana-seeds.nl.

They also run sale or deals as a part of their promotional campaigns where you can save 10 – 50% on marijuana seeds. Having MSNL coupon codes is the best way to get maximum savings on your purchases.

Where Does Your MSNL Coupon Come From?

Our healthcanal team reaches out to the MSNL team to get some of the best discount codes that work. Along with a detailed research on the varieties of marijuana seeds that MSNL offers, We also look for verified coupon codes by MSNL that are sure to work. We also looked all over the internet to present you with the latest MSNL coupon codes. 

Apart from this, our health canal team negotiates with MSNL team for an exclusive MSNL coupon code “HEALTH CANAL” that offers a great discount and does not expire. We have got this deal for our readers, so that they get benefitted whenever they need it. 

How Do I Use MSNL Coupon Code?

Step 1: Open the official website

Open the official website

Visit the official MSNL website at www.marijuana-seeds.nl.

Step 2: Choose your product

Choose your product

On the homepage, you will see a lot of product category tabs. Click on the one you are interested in and choose your desired product. Once you have done that, click on “Add to Basket” button to update your shopping cart.

Step 3: Apply the coupon

Apply the coupon

Before proceeding to the checkout, make sure that you enter our promo code, “HEALTHCANAL” to receive a discount on your purchases.

Step 4: Signing in

Signing in

After applying the coupon code, you will have to login to your account. If you do not have an account on the website, you can either create one or simply continue as a guest.

Step 5: Completing the purchase

Completing the purchase

Finally, on the checkout page, enter your personal details such as name, email address, shipping address, and payment info to complete the order.

Alternatives to  MSNL

Seed Bank ILGM


See ILGM Coupon

Extra $5 Off Each Order: HEALTHCANAL

  • 100% seed germination guarantee
  • Premium quality seeds sold
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fast free shipping in the US and Europe.
  • Expensive pricing compared to other brands. 
  • An extra 25$ charged for tracking the shipment.
Crop King Seeds

Crop king Seed

See Crop king Seed Coupon

  • Canadian seed bank
  • Seed germination guarantee of 80%
  • They give free seeds on every order
  • Fast shipping inside  USA
  • They accept seed replacement
  • Limited range of seeds.
  • High pricing compared to several other brands.
Seed Bank QCS

Quebec Cannabis Seed

See QCS Coupon

  • Countless weekly discounts and promotions
  • Wide range of seed selection.
  • 100% seed germination guarantee.
  • High quality seeds
  • Fast shipping
  • Payment options are limited.
  • They do not offer refunds on seized packages.


Like every coupon code, MSNL coupon code also has certain requirements and exceptions, so always make sure to know the terms and conditions of the promo codes that you are planning to use.

  1. Spruce CBD coupon codes cannot be stacked with other codes when purchasing Spruce CBD products from the Spruce CBD store. This means that you can only use one Spruce CBD coupon code at a time. For example, you cannot even use a 10% promo code and a 15% coupon code to get a 25% discount.
  2. While there are many third-party websites, you cannot use any of our Spruce CBD coupon codes on other retailers or resellers’ websites. Hence, we strongly recommend using these codes on the Spruce CBD official website or any site having a straight association with the brand.

See Full Review Of MSNL

MSNL Overview

Company’s Background

MSNL is a UK-based company founded in 1999. MSNL is known for selling premium quality cannabis seeds in the seed growing industry in the UK. They are popular for growing their seeds to the highest possible standards. MSNL sells only fresh seeds and does not store the seeds for more than 2 months. 

MSNL offers seeds of 200 varieties of strains so that you can get your hands on some of the most popular seeds. MSNL collaborates with various seed companies to meet the demands on the seeds. MSNL offers a vast variety of seeds such as feminized seeds, regular seeds, and auto-flowering seeds.

 Keeping in mind the various health benefits, MSNL also sells medicinal strains for people who are seeking medicinal benefits from the plants. MSNL works with many providers and seed growers across the world. Along with that they also maintain contacts all over the world to offer a wide range of seeds and the best strain collection.


MSNL is led by a geneticist, they are also passionate and skilled at their job. MSNL seeds have been grown by skilled professionals over the past twenty years. Apart from this, MSNL guarantees that their strains are tested for quality. They have strict quality-control tests that their seeds have to pass before the seeds reach customers.

Every seed is tested before it gets shipped. MSNL marijuana seeds are known to have a 90-100% germination rate.

What CBD products do they sell?

As mentioned earlier, MSNL sells over 200 strains. Some popular ones from their strain collection are the Blue dream, the girl scout cookies, and the sour grape kush. MSNL also sends some free seeds on every order. They have a wide range of marijuana seeds such as regular seeds, for indoor and outdoor, high CBD strain, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. MSNL also sends you free seeds on every order. 

They have Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa under feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and high CBD strain. 

Feminized seeds:  Feminized seeds carry the genes that produce only female plants. Feminized seeds are growers’ favorite as they produce resinous buds.

Autoflowering seeds: Auto-flowering seeds are extremely easy to grow and are fast finishing strains, MSNL has some of the best strain collection in dutch auto-flowering genes. 

Regular seeds: MSNL regular seeds are high-quality regular marijuana seeds that are ideal for growing and breeding new genetics.

Outdoor strain: they are quite hardy cannabis seeds that grow tall and are known to produce big yields.

Indoor strain: these indoor cannabis seeds are specifically created to adapt indoors they are a high-quality cannabis. However, they grow shorter than outdoor cannabis plants.
High CBD: This strain is known to promote personal wellbeing and balance the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods that MSNL accepts?

MSNL accepts debit and credit Mastercards, bank transfers, bitcoin, international money orders, prepaid gift cards. They do not accept Visa Cards.

Where is their seed bank located?

It is London, the UK based company

What seed categories do they sell?

They have various categories in seeds such as Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, indoor and outdoor, high CBD.

Do they offer free shipping on our purchase?

Yes, they offer free shipping on all your purchases without any order limit.

How many types of strains do they sell?

They sell around 200 varieties of strains.

Do they sell medical marijuana?

Yes, they sell medical marijuana as well.

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