03:11pm Monday 14 October 2019

Trial with Hospital Donostia patients with new technique to evaluate intestinal disorders

This project falls within the framework of the commitment by CIC microGUNE and Biodonostia to work jointly in the field of rapid diagnosis. The development of new technology thrown up by this collaboration involves the detection of the TNF-Alfa protein (a marker for many inflammatory disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis or spondylitis. With this established agreement, the research centre on the one hand has contributed its experience to the field of microtechnologies and, on the other, the health institute has given the research practical guidance to meet the needs of medical professionals.

After successfully completing the trial stage with dissolved samples of this protein, the researchers started to test the new technique with real samples of patients being treated for their ailments at the Hospital Donostia. The good results obtained to date could give rise to a patent being taken out by CIC microGUNE and Biodonostia in order to develop the technology, given that, on adapting certain aspects, it could be employed in the detection of markers involved in other diseases.

Unlike current methods for the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, such as endoscopy, CIC microGUNE and Biodonostia’s technique for TNF-Alfa detection is not invasive, as it only requires a minimum quantity of blood. The sample is placed in a micro-device incorporated into a support the size of a credit card. This support is inserted into a lector machine in which, in a matter of minutes, provides the diagnosis. Moreover, it has the advantage of measuring the extent of the patient’s disease more precisely. The medication for combatting the pathologies in which TNF-Alfa is involved are very costly; this method will enable a more exact dosage of the pharmaceutical drugs to be obtained, with the concomitant enhancement in patient treatment and savings for the health system.

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