07:53pm Tuesday 18 February 2020

Miniature sensor for gastric haemorrhages

To this end, the Cidetec-IK4 technological centre and the Instituto Biodonostia are developing a minimally invasive sensor, based on advanced technology, which enables the monitoring of the gastric parameters of patients in an individualised manner and in such a way that the correct dosage of the pharmaceutical drug needed can be administered with precision and the efficacy of the treatment optimised.

The gastric sensor project, financed by the Provincial Government of the Basque Province of Gipuzkoa, is to last for three years and involves developing a pH sensor miniaturised with advanced electronics and which is inserted into a tiny capsule. The system, designed by Cidetec-IK4 and Biodonostia, involves inserting the probe into the digestive tract, where a small sample of the area affected by the haemorrhage is taken. Later, the capsule is extracted with ease using a fine string and without unnecessary discomfort for the patient.

The project is currently at the development stage; once the system is completed and after being tested or verified with animals in the experimental operating theatres at Biodonostia, it will be applied in clinical trials with a number of patients from Hospital Donostia, and whose gastric pH will be monitored with the new probe during their treatment.

Digestive tract haemorrhages

Digestive tract haemorrhages are the most common emergency cases dealt with by gastroenterologists, with a mortality rate of 11% in patients admitted to hospital for this reason. The causes of the haemorrhage are elucidated in 80% of cases, but the other 20% have not had satisfactory diagnoses to date.

In 35% of the cases bleeding from the digestive tract is caused by a peptic ulcer – the most common cause -, but it can also be caused by other pathologies such as esophagitis, gastroduodenal erosions or neoplasias. The development from Cidetec-IK4 and Biodonostia provides a high degree of innovation which will enable precision in medication for gastric haemorrhages.

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