08:20pm Monday 21 October 2019

UTAS researchers stitch up running pain

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University of Tasmania researchers are looking for participants to help their investigations into why some people experience the stitch whilst involved in exercise and others do not.

UTAS PhD student Marie-Louise Bird and Honours student Jason Mole who are currently investigating the association between the postural abdominal muscle and the “running stitch” believe that individuals who experience the stitch regularly may have weakness or delayed activation of this muscle – “transversus abdominis”.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that when experiencing a stitch, a movement to relieve it is to contract the postural abdominal muscles, therefore if these muscles were contracting properly during a normal running style then a stitch would possibly not be experienced” said Mole.

“Stitch affects a third to half of the physically active population and diminishes performance of nearly half that experience it”.

The study will investigate whether there is a difference in activation and contractile strength of the transversus abdominis muscle and the occurrence of a running stitch in the 18-40 year old age group.

Participants who run twice a week or more are presently being sought for this research – including both those who experience running stitch and those that don’t. 

Study participants will be required to meet with researchers for one hour at the Newnham Campus in late 2010 and undergo a simple abdominal muscle test and fill in a questionnaire.

If you would like to be part of this study, are aged 18-40, physically active and run recreationally for periods of more than 20 minutes twice a week or more, please contact Ms Marie Louise Bird on 6324 3123 or email: marie-louise.bird@utas.edu.au or Jason Mole jlmole@utas.edu.au

For more information please contact Marie Louise Bird on (03) 6324 3123  or Sharon Webb, University of Tasmania ph. 0438 510 616

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