03:35am Wednesday 27 May 2020

New project to help sufferers of leg artery disease

The year-long study, funded by the Bupa Foundation, will result in the development of an educational workshop to help people with leg artery disease. The condition limits blood flow to the legs by narrowing and hardening the blood vessels.

The workshop will help people better understand their condition and support them in developing an individualised, home-based exercise plan. The study will involve 55 patients from the South Yorkshire region.

The project is a collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Stirling.

Dr Garry Tew, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University, is leading the project.

He said: “Leg artery disease is very common, especially in older adults. Many patients suffer leg pain when they walk because of this disease, which restricts their daily activities and reduces their quality of life.

“Regular walking exercise is important for improving symptoms and general health, but many patients don’t exercise for several reasons. Through this project we will work alongside patients to develop a practical, group-based education workshop that will hopefully give them the knowledge, motivation and confidence to walk regularly for exercise.”

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