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Dead Tired? Seek Out a Certified Sleep Doctor

“Far too many people accept sleep deprivation and sleepiness as a way of life. They see treatment of sleep illnesses as optional. In reality, countless studies have connected sleep illnesses with severe health consequences,” said M. Safwan Badr, MD, president of AASM.

The AASM strongly advises individuals who have the symptoms of a sleep disorder to seek out a board-certified sleep medicine physician to evaluate, diagnose and treat their illness. For proper diagnosis of sleep disorders, patients must be objectively tested by a sleep study that is interpreted by a sleep specialist.

Something to lose sleep over
Sleep illnesses can be a severe detriment to physical, mental and emotional health by negatively impacting daytime alertness, memory and cognitive function – while causing repeated wakefulness during the night that prevents the body from receiving adequate rest. As a result, sufferers may be at increased risk for accidents, secondary illnesses or even death.

“Sleep makes you healthier, happier and smarter. Without quality sleep, your mental and physical health suffers greatly, putting you at increased risk for chronic disease,” said Dr. Badr.

For those who suffer from sleep disorders, it’s possible to dramatically improve quality of life. With proper treatment, overall health, mood and productivity can get better. In addition, those diagnosed with OSA who also have other complicating illnesses, can reap significant health benefits from specialized treatment.

“Studies have shown that Type 2 diabetics with OSA, who adhere to treatment, experience improvements in insulin sensitivity,” said Dr. Badr. “Also, one-third of Americans with hypertension also suffer from OSA, and receiving treatment from a sleep specialist has been proven to decrease blood pressure and improve overall health.”

To find a local sleep specialist or accredited sleep center, visit www.sleepeducation.com.

About The American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Established in 1975, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is the leader in setting standards and promoting excellence in sleep medicine. With nearly 10,000 members, the AASM is the largest professional membership society for physicians, scientists and other health care providers dedicated to sleep medicine. For more information, visit www.aasmnet.org.

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