07:21am Monday 21 October 2019

AGH Studies on Vitamin D and Asthma, and Coughing/Wheezing in Young Children, Seek Volunteers

The adult study evaluates the effects of Vitamin D for the treatment of asthma. The purpose of the study is to find out if taking Vitamin D, in addition to an asthma-controller medication, helps to prevent worsening of asthma symptoms and asthma attacks.
Participants must be age 18 or older, have a diagnosis of asthma and be non-smokers.
The study involves 11 visits across 35 weeks (about nine months.) Visits include a physical examination, blood tests, spirometry, allergy testing, questionnaires and home procedures such as peak flow measurement, diary entries and daily vitamin supplementation.
Two initial screening visits will determine eligibility to participate. Those who qualify will be compensated for each visit they complete. For more information, contact Dr. Deborah Gentile at 412.359.3328.
The second study is investigating ways to prevent coughing and wheezing in preschool-aged children. These children can often have coughing and/or wheezing that leads to visits to the doctor’s office, urgent care, emergency room and even hospital stays.
Children must be within 12 and 71 months of age, have experienced significant wheezing within the past year and be up to date with immunizations.
Compensation will be provided. For more information on this study, call 412.359.6640.

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