11:57pm Saturday 07 December 2019

Greenhouse calculator helps families go low-carb

The Australian Greenhouse Calculator was officially launched by Victoria’s Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Professor Kate Auty.

The AGC is a free and easy-to-use program to help households compare the impact of making lifestyle changes and/or investing in energy-efficient products – cutting both their greenhouse gas emissions and living costs.

Project leader, RMIT Adjunct Professor Alan Pears, said the AGC aimed to empower households by offering accurate and relevant information to help them see how their activities contributed to their carbon footprint.

“Australian households generate at least one-fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gases – over 18 tonnes per household each year,” Adjunct Professor Pears said.

“The Australian Greenhouse Calculator shows families how they can live more sustainably and offset the increasing cost of carbon and energy, helping them make lifestyle changes that are good for both the environment and their wallets.

“It’s about inspiring real change – and then accurately calculating its impact.”

The AGC is an Environment Protection Authority tool developed by RMIT’s Centre for Design, through a project managed by Education Services Australia.

It covers 11 lifestyle categories – transport, air travel, heating and cooling, hot water, clothes dryer, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, other appliances, food and shopping, waste – which can be completed in either a “quick” or “detailed” mode.

The “quick” mode can be completed in 15 minutes, for a general but thorough overview of greenhouse impact.

The “detailed” mode offers a full range of technical and behavioural options, for the ultimate domestic sustainability enthusiast.

Not just for households, the AGC is also an ideal tool for education, community engagement and encouraging sustainable business practice.

A “Research Centre” tab offers detailed background information on climate change, while “Teacher Ideas” includes educational resources and student activities.

View the Australian Greenhouse Calculator

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