06:59pm Thursday 02 July 2020

New minimally invasive glaucoma treatment can save vision

“This is extremely innovative technology that provides the first minimally invasive approach to treat glaucoma,” said UTMB Health glaucoma specialist Dr. Gianmarco Vizzeri. “As the only center to offer Trabectome in the entire Southeast Texas region, patients from the greater Houston area, Galveston County, Beaumont, Friendswood, Pearland and beyond can benefit from this leading-edge treatment.”

Glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness, is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve, gradually stealing sight without warning. In the early stages of the disease, there may be no symptoms. Comprehensive eye exams to detect glaucoma include careful evaluation of the optic nerve and measurement of eye pressure. 

“Trabectome is safer than more traditional treatments and gives patients a faster recovery time,” said Vizzeri. “It’s especially effective for patients with early to moderate stages of open-angle glaucoma.”

In the three-step procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the eye. An electrosurgical pulse then gently removes a small strip of the diseased tissue. Finally, the area is rinsed with saline solution to remove tissue debris, leaving the eye to recover almost immediately.

“The procedure offers a minimally invasive way to relieve damaging pressure in the eye by restoring the eye’s natural drainage pathways,” said glaucoma specialist Dr. Misha Syed. “This helps prevent further optic nerve damage.”

The out-patient surgery allows the patient to go home the same day and recover more quickly than with other types of glaucoma surgery. It also can be combined with cataract surgery.

Glaucoma patients can receive a complete eye evaluation to see if they qualify for treatment with the Trabectome at either the Galveston or Friendswood location of the UTMB Health Eye Center.

Learn more at www.UTMBeyecenter.com.


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