10:13pm Saturday 19 October 2019

Vicomtech-IK4 and Datik develop artificial vision-based systems to help driving

This is why the Vicomtech-IK4 Technological Centre and the Gipuzkoa-based company, Datik, have decided to combine their knowledge in order to develop systems for driving assistance, based on artificial vision. Both have signed a joint working agreement for developing such devices which, when incorporated into the vehicle, will enhance driving and improve attention, thus reducing the risk of accidents. The agreement between the two bodies will be seen with the development of a number of joint projects, all of which have a common denominator: they need the installation of the equipment for land transport vehicles – buses, trains, cars or similar – which require artificial vision techniques.

The agreement signed by both bodies is a 4-year one, which can be extended for another four. Under this, Vicomtech-IK4 commits to sharing their knowledge and experience in artificial vision systems for land transport vehicles with Datik, and which are required for the projects initiated jointly by both. For their part, Datik will work solely with Vicomtech-IK4 on artificial vision systems for vehicles, and will coordinate the projects and facilitate Vicomtech-IK4 access to real test environments which these joint projects require.

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