05:49pm Monday 13 July 2020

New service helps schools adapt classrooms for students who are blind or visually impaired

Independence Science Inc. has launched the Adaptation Support Program, a support service primarily designed to assist instruction in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – the STEM fields. Subscribers receive phone and email support from educators who are experienced in instructing students who are blind or visually impaired in K-12 and college settings.

Cary Supalo, founder of Independence Science, said the Adaptation Support Program includes several features that could help educators provide a more accessible environment.

“Subscribers will receive detailed assistance with Individual Education Plans (IEPs), personal consultations, environmental recommendations, directions for complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and techniques to adapt and modify laboratory equipment,” he said. “We believe this program will serve as a valuable resource for teachers and parents across the United States. Science education mandates require that all students complete high school science components in order to graduate, and our staff is trained to offer the best recommendations.”

Supalo said the program will complement the company’s Sci-Voice Lab Solution, which adapts commonly used laboratory technology for students who are visually impaired.

“The Adaptation Support Program will assist teachers and parents in properly modifying the classroom,” he said. “Experience has shown that access to adapted tools, graphics and techniques greatly improve a student’s concept development and overall understanding of course material.”

Roger Tower, director of outreach at Independence Science, said the current means of adaptation support sometimes can be difficult to find.

“This often leads to an unsatisfactory experience for the students,” he said. “We are offering unlimited phone and email support from industry experts to better spread knowledge about how to adapt materials in the laboratory for students who have visual impairments.”

The Adaptation Support Program can be purchased yearly for an individual user or multiple users. Call Independence Science at 866-862-9665 or visit http://www.independencescience.com/resource-program.php to learn more or subscribe and receive immediate support.

About Independence Science Inc.


Researchers at Independence Science are making their expertise available to help school districts, colleges, universities and state rehabilitation agencies across the country meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements in the science curriculum. The Sci-Voice Lab Solution includes adapted technologies and methodologies to help make science courses more accessible for students who are blind or have low vision.


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