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Ladies, you don’t have to be in a relationship

To complete her PhD research, Ms Moran is asking women who have had non-relationship sex, with three or more casual partners in the past 12 months, who wish to participate in her study to contact her at c.moran1@uq.edu.au.

Ms Moran’s rationale for the study is to gain an understanding of how women negotiate sexual safety and pleasure within casual sexual encounters.

“I believe if we can have a better understanding of these women’s sexuality, we can better promote their sexual health and emotional well being,” Ms Moran said.

The interviews follow her first study of women’s sexuality, which focused representations of women’s sexuality in women’s lifestyle magazines.

In the magazine analysis, Ms Moran said she found women were almost always presented as being in a relationship, or looking for one, with the possibility that women might enjoy being single or having casual sex not being entertained.

“I was concerned with the message this was sending to women, that women need relationships and that sex should be on a man’s terms, while the lack of information on negotiating sexual safety was alarming,” Ms Moran said.

The current study will address how women decide to have casual sex, how women communicate with their partners and how they feel women’s sexuality is reflected in the media, Ms Moran said.

“The magazines suggest that all women are always looking for a relationship and use sex as a means to secure a relationship,” Ms Moran said.

“I felt that women who have casual sex were not given a voice. It is clear to me that the kind of femininity lived by these women is not represented in women’s magazines.”

Ms Moran said her main aim was to raise awareness among women and for them to feel confident challenging social expectations and expressing their sexuality safely.

Ms Moran is completing her PhD under the supervision of Professor Christina Lee in the School of Psychology.

To take part in the study please contact Claire Moran in the School of Psychology at c.moran@uq.edu.au or at 04000 65945

Media: Allison Rock at UQ Office of Communications (Allison.rock@uqconnect.edu.au or 07 3365 2619)

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