03:08pm Tuesday 25 February 2020

New genetic hypertension drugs still a way off


New research suggests genetic material, specifically micro-RNAs, have a destabilising effect on the production of an enzyme called renin which has long been associated with high blood pressure. The discovery could lead to the development of drugs designed to affect renin production, researchers say.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, our Associate Medical Director, said: “We’ve known for many years that renin is a key regulator of blood pressure and new research into what affects the production of the enzyme is always useful.


Nearly a third of under-65s in England and Scotland have high blood pressure

“However, scientists are still a way off developing new drugs which could help lower blood pressure by targeting someone’s genetic material, in this case micro-RNAs.

“Breakthroughs in this field are important because nearly a third of under-65s in England and Scotland have high blood pressure, while many more are undiagnosed.”

Results of the research were published in the Hypertension, a journal of the American Heart Association.


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