02:22am Monday 06 July 2020

The Miseries of Middle Age

Six experts from The Australian National University will tonight attempt to shed some light on the myths and miseries associated with middle age. The event is part of the University’s involvement with National Psychology Week and is presented in partnership with 666 ABC Canberra.

The interactive forum will bring together psychologists, relationship experts and health professionals for an evening of down-to-earth advice and discussion about the challenges, and the highlights, of middle age. The event will be moderated by 666 ABC Afternoons’ Presenter Genevieve Jacobs.

Panel member Professor Don Byrne, Director of the School of Health and Psychological Sciences at the ANU said that middle age need not be miserable.

“Middle age is a transitional period like any other in the human life-span. It brings challenges to health, self-image, a sense of role and of self-worth, the perception of relevance and of purpose. Failing to address these challenges may have negative consequences for both physical and mental well-being. But this is by no means an inevitable process.

“Taking a positive and adaptive view of middle age – and totally rejecting the social and occupational stereotypes which are built up around it – can result in a life period which is as productive, fulfilling, and of value to society, as any other.”

Panel members include:

Associate Professor Michael Platow – Department of Psychology, ANU
Dr Christine Phillips – ANU Medical School
Ms Suzi Keser – ANU PhD candidate
Dr Ross Wilkinson – Department of Psychology, ANU
Dr Tim Windsor – Centre for Mental Health Research, ANU

For media assistance: Lucy Wedlock, ANU Media – 6125 3549/0424 016 978

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