08:26am Monday 24 February 2020

Women wanted for ageing study

Jane Henriette from the UTAS School of Sociology

Women 18 years old and upwards are needed to write and talk about what ageing means to them.

Jane Henriette at the UTAS School of Sociology is conducting a study looking at the lifelong process of getting older and how it shapes women’s lives.

“Our ideas of ageing start in childhood, and shape how we think about ourselves and I’m interested in whether these ideas change how we live our lives,” she said.

She is interested in how women think and feel about getting older or ageing and how it affects them throughout their lives.  Of particular interest is how it affects their bodies, how they see themselves (their identity) and the impact it has on their personal life.

“I wonder if we all reached 18 or 20 and our bodies then stayed looking the same for the rest of our lives, whether we would have a different view of ageing,” she said.

Jane is looking for female participants in a range of age groups from 18 years to 75 years and over. They will be required to fill out a journal and participate in an interview after completing the journal.

“Although there are similarities between men’s and women’s experiences of ageing, including the pressure that we all experience of being expected to stay youthful for as long as possible, there are also some important differences,” she said.

“Many women talk of becoming invisible as they get older, and noticing changes in what is considered acceptable behaviour, bodily appearance and dress for women of different ages.”

Women will have around four weeks to complete a journal. Jane will then conduct a follow-up interview after completion of the journal. To participate email Jane at Jane.Henriette@utas.edu.au, or call 6226 2950.

Photo: Jane Henriette from the UTAS School of Sociology.

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