05:39pm Wednesday 01 April 2020

Understanding the needs of senior drivers

Drivers from Canberra over the age of 65 are being sought for a study conducted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in collaboration with the University of Canberra. The research aims to understand the driving behaviours and commuting needs of seniors, in order to better assist them during this phase of their lives.

“Spending less time behind the steering wheel isn’t always an attractive option for senior drivers,” said PhD researcher Ides Wong from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q).

“Alternatives like public transport are sometimes seen as inconvenient, and for some people there are physical difficulties with boarding and disembarking.

“Of course people still need to remain independent and active, which is why many continue to drive.”

Ms Wong’s research aims to discover more about the needs of seniors so that they could be assisted with alternative transport arrangements in cases where this would be preferable.

“The results of this research should let authorities and organisations know how to help people to prepare better for driving in their senior years,” Ms Wong said.

The study asks participants to complete a questionnaire and then have their driving and sleep patterns measured over a two-week period.

All participants will receive a $50 shopping voucher as a thankyou gift.

One hundred participants are required for the research, which has been funded by NRMA ACT Road Safety Trust.

All results will be confidential and participants will not be identifiable.

For more information about taking part in the study, contact Mrs Louise Deeks on (02) 6201 2369 or [email protected]

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Media contact: Michaela Ryan, QUT media officer, 07 3138 4494 or [email protected]

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