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Largest aspirin study sheds light on Australian ageing

The ASPREE (ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly) study, which aims to determine whether a daily dose of aspirin can delay the onset of illness, provides a world-first window into Australia’s ageing population.
ASPREE Principal Investigator, Professor John McNeil, from the Monash Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, will discuss what the largest primary prevention study in healthy older people in the world will mean for Victoria and Australia.
“Australians are living longer. If present trends continue, up to 50 per cent of babies born today will live to be more than 100, so the ability to remain healthy is a priority,” Professor McNeil said.
“ASPREE will determine aspirin’s potential for reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia and certain cancers in people aged 70 and over. It will also determine if potential health benefits outweigh the risks of regular aspirin in this age group.”
Executive Officer of the ASPREE clinical trial and Director of the ancillary study ASPREE Healthy Ageing Biobank, Associate Professor Robyn Woods, will speak about the study’s progress and achievements.

“ASPREE has become a platform for many sub-studies to provide the first comprehensive picture of ageing in Australia,” Associate Professor Woods said.
“GPs will know whether aspirin promotes good health in later years, we will be able to identify medical and social issues affecting our ageing population and future researchers will be able to access a world-first ‘biobank’ to identify predictors of disease.
“What sets ASPREE apart is that the study engages local GPs and community health networks and with this study we are taking medical research to the people rather than the other way around.”
The Director of the Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology at the National Institute on Aging, Dr Evan Hadley, will be speaking on why the American institute invested US$50 million in ASPREE across both countries.
The Monash Business Breakfast ‘ASPREE – A window on ageing’ will be held from 7.15am on Thursday, 6 September 2012 at the Trilogy Room, Park Hyatt, 1 Parliament Square, East Melbourne. The event is free of charge and includes a full breakfast, but registrations are necessary.
ASPREE aims to enrol over 19,000 participants – more than 15,000 from Australia – by 2013. For more information visit the ASPREE website.






For more information on the ASPREE study or to interview Professor McNeil or Associate Professor Woods contact Shana Stewart, Monash Media and Communications on +61 3 9903 4815 | +61 414 389 496 or Shana.Stewart@monash.edu.

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